The whole point of the project

An idea, well-planned and realized

A next-level athlete assessment tool includes a pro-looking application for end users, plus an admin panel that’s a command center for sorting out authorizations and licenses.

The value for the sports ecosystem

The solution is equipped with the essential instruments for collecting, analyzing, and sharing quantifiable data to evaluate a person’s physical performance in the world of professional sports.

The trick of the system: Unbiased evaluation of sportsmen’s fitness

Embedding game-changing tech in high-performance sports and utilizing validated testing protocols to measure performance

Giving the sports pros, coaches, and physiotherapists the ultimate tool to spot-on measure an athlete’s post-injury efficiency

Helping with making smart choices on whether someone’s good to jump back into the training or competition game

Central project challenge totally aced by Oxagile

The software system was intended to decode an athlete’s physical performance by using, decoding, and processing data from wireless hardware. Oxagile took on the task of designing software that synced seamlessly with the hardware source and was reliant on the input from it. We nailed it — integration game strong.

Our data expertise dominated throughout the project

Real-time data capture

Delivering a custom software module, geared up to process data on the fly.

Power of data-driven decisions

We’ve got advanced data analysis in play, based on a range of customizable criteria.

Data that’s a breeze to handle

This is about the ability to smoothly export, share, and print any needed data hassle-free.

And a few more UX and visualization perks included

Users leading the way

Clear navigation is so intuitive that it seems like the system reads users’ minds.

Dashboards that matter

Data is presented in the friendliest way possible, while reports are advanced and handy.

Sports and Fitness, Education
Delivery Model
Scope-driven milestone-based development
Effort and Duration
4 months, 11 man-months
.NET, C#, Windows RT, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, OWIN, Entity Framework, MVVM Light, Swagger UI, Castle Windsor