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Project Overview

A leading programmatic agency in Europe partnered with Oxagile to build an innovative adtech platform. The solution leverages intelligent ad targeting and analytics-driven CTR prediction to help advertisers boost campaign ROIs.

At the same time, publishers get the opportunity to increase ad revenues by automating the ad selling process and using sophisticated server-side stitching logic (SSAI) to seamlessly insert ads into pages.

Key features and highlights:

  • campaign creation and archiving;
  • Google PLA feed integration;
  • ad targeting by geography, age, gender, and search query;
  • CTR prediction mechanism;
  • budget threshold management;
  • agency management;
  • payment handling via Stripe;
  • data analytics and report generation;
  • request processing time of under 120 ms.
Technology Stack
PHP, Node.js, AWS, Amazon SES, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Stripe
Timeframe and Workload
Duration: 4 months
Effort: 10 man-months

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