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Project Overview

An ambitious startup partnered with Oxagile to develop a robust videoconferencing platform for a large number of lecturers and attendees from around the world.

To meet the high scalability and performance requirements, Oxagile implemented innovative autoscaling by connecting multiple Kurento media servers via the RTP protocol. This redundant, highly available architecture allows the system to efficiently balance the load and handle thousands of simultaneous video streams with a latency of under 3 seconds.

The solution uses WebRTC to offer high quality video and audio communication directly in the browser, as well as a slew of intuitive collaboration tools.

Key features and highlights:

  • 4 user roles with different permissions: organizer, lecturer, attendee, and interpreter;
  • Ability to connect to and switch between simultaneous interpreters in real time;
  • Ability to ask questions during the session;
  • Video and audio recording;
  • Email notifications for scheduled events;
  • Hassle-free file sharing, including office and multimedia files;
  • In-session text chat functionality (including group messaging);
  • Nearly unlimited number of attendees and 24/7 system availability.
Technology Stack
Java 8, Hibernate, Spring Boot, Tomcat, Kurento Media Server, WebRTC, RTP, PostgreSQL, nginx, React, Bootstrap, jQuery, REST
Timeframe and Workload
Duration: 5 months
Effort: 30 man-months

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