Goals that brought the client our way

Smart TV app development

The client, a modern youth-centric TV broadcaster and content producer, sought an intuitive smart TV app featuring both live and on-demand video capabilities.

Samsung Tizen compatibility

An app that would make the most of all the unique UI functionalities and innovative technologies that Samsung Tizen OS has to offer.

Multi-platform coverage

Solutions for a range of other connected TV platforms, including those from LG and Sony, as well as Amazon Fire, Android TV, and Apple TV devices.

Opportunities that the client seized with our help

Entry into the lucrative TV app market and positioning their offerings in line with Samsung TV users’ expectations

A strategic promotion of the client’s unique video content within TV applications, maximizing brand visibility

Attraction of an influx of new users to their channel, enhancing reach and boosting overall video ad profitability

Are you on the hunt for an exceptional Smart TV app?

Our team of expert video streaming engineers is here to fix the technical part of custom apps that are sure to impress the most discerning viewers.

So, if you aim to make your content stand out on the Smart TV scene, with a UI impeccably tailored for large-screen navigation, clicking the button below might be your best decision ever.

Not a clutter of buttons, not a mere “search and watch”

That was the desire expressed by our client. To be more precise, they wanted an app that would ditch cluttered eyesores and content overload leading to decision paralysis, and ensure users find what they want in a heartbeat. At the same time, they envisioned an VoD, live stream Smart TV app for Samsung that provides a more profound and entertaining experience.

Here are the features that made all this happen:

Effortless streaming

Smooth and hassle-free live video broadcasting without any delays or buffering

Real-time comments

Access to user comments during a specific show in real-time

Browsable catalog

Convenient catalog navigation with on-demand video functionality

Integrated asset delivery

Streamlined incorporation of cloud and CDN for optimized content delivery

Language support

A user-friendly multi-language interface with real-time language switching

Customizable branding

Advanced options for easily altering the application’s look and feel

White-label nature of the app

One more objective of the client, which we decided to save for dessert, involved the potential to sell the application to diverse channels through white-labeling. And here’s why it’s effortlessly achievable now:

  • Rapid customization

  • Swift adaptation

Delivery Model
Scope-driven milestone-based development
Effort and Duration
1 month, 2 man-months
Front-End, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Samsung Tizen SDK, Ooyala Player, Ooyala API, Samsung AVPlay