5 quick facts about the project

Our client
Our client: A leading Latin American telecom operator and Internet provider
Solution crafted by Oxagile: Pioneering an interactive VoD service
Embedded modules
Incorporated modules: An embedded CRM solution empowering content partners to establish customer video packages and oversee pricing
What end users get
What end users get: Access to VoD services via laptops, PCs, and set-top boxes bundled with their broadband connection subscription
Extra value for end users
Added benefit for end users: Flexibility to expand subscription packages and tailor viewing preferences according to personal taste

What makes the solution with over 1.5 mln subscribers stand out?

Intuitive user interface

Oxagile excels at delivering an engaging user experience through our custom OTT frontend design.

Advanced asset management

No fuss and chaos — only effortless management of media content assets. All is perfectly arranged for the content partners’ convenience.

DRM implementation

Ensuring top-notch protection for VoD content with digital rights management

But there's more to the features

Looking to enhance content discoverability on set-top boxes?

The solution is right here, within reach! Oxagile’s set-top box app development services could be the key piece you’ve been seeking.

Words of gratitude from our client are as follows

“Oxagile’s communication skills allow getting what the customer really wants and needs to have. Their team is ready to provide a necessary piece of advice, ensured by their substantial expertise in different domains and services. At the same time, they precisely follow unambiguous client specifications to achieve the result the client needs.”
Delivery Model
SLA-driven task backlog delivery (TM-based)
Online Video, DAM/MAM, eCommerce, Content management, CRM
Effort and Duration
13 months, 120 man-months
PHP, JavaScript, Silverlight, Adobe Flash, PlayReady DRM