Project overview

An innovative vehicle marketplace connecting car buyers with dealerships and shipment and insurance companies in the U.S.

The system automates the entire car purchasing process: A buyer simply describes their vehicle of choice and submits a request, which is automatically processed and forwarded to the top five dealerships that can best meet it. The dealers can then offer personalized discounts to compete for, and win, the deal.

The potent combination of a large, automatically updated car database and vendor bidding functionality nearly guarantees the buyer the absolute best price across the country.

The system comes with intuitive tools for making new requests, managing buyers and vendors, notifications and reporting, and secure payment functionality. The platform is fully product-agnostic and can be easily adapted to find best deals on any item: from cars and trucks to smartphones and laptops.

“KosLo is the first truly fresh idea for the auto industry in a long time.” —Tom Borchard, Web Director at Vern Eide Motorcars Inc.

Delivery Model
Scope-driven milestone-based development
Effort and Duration
12 months, 36 man-months
PHP, Node.js, StrongLoop, AngularJS, MongoDB, MySQL, Amazon AWS
  • A software development partner I can rely on.

    I must say that I had been somewhat wary of entrusting the development into the hands of developers that were thousands of miles away, but the very first week of our work dispelled my doubts and gave me the much needed confidence.

    The Oxagile team is responsive, caring, and flexible, quickly taking any request into consideration and providing accurate updated timelines. Early users have been very impressed with the website’s flow and how well it connects everything.

    I will definitely recommend Oxagile to anyone considering to outsource the development of an innovative solution — the company delivers on their promises and is always there to help.

    Devin Koskan
    Founder and CEO, Koslo