Project overview

A Scandinaivan software firm asked Oxagile to design and deliver a robust licensing and activation module that would form an integral part of the client’s enterprise-wide license management platform.

As part of the project, Oxagile provided a team of ISTQB-certified QA and testing professionals to ensure the solution’s robustness and its seamless operation under all the required usage scenarios.

The scope of QA services included:

  • Requirements analysis and estimation
  • Master test plan preparation
  • Test design and planning
  • Test execution
  • 360-degree reporting on quality
Information & Communication
Delivery Model
Scope-driven milestone-based development
Effort and Duration
4 months
.NET, C#, JavaScript, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, IIS, MS SQL, VirtualBox, JSON Viewer, SQL Server Management Studio, Xray

Key highlights

  • Full-scale module compatibility testing to ensure interoperability with the client’s existing desktop-based products
  • Testing client-server interfaces between the desktop activation module and the web-based backend on the customer’s side
  • Rigorous testing of the business rules that control the secure token processing and license generation
  • Conducting security testing of the encrypted storage that protects tokens, licenses, activation and user data
  • Extensive pre-production release testing under 20+ environments
  • Comprehensive documentation authoring and knowledge transfer