Piecing the project’s puzzles together

  • Decoding the client’s dream

    Oxagile helped a national satellite TV provider invigorate their soccer audience with an interactive cross-platform second-screen app.

  • Painting the app’s capabilities

    Using their iOS or Android devices, soccer fans can try to make predictions while watching the game on TV. Accurate predictions are rewarded with sponsored prizes.

Key features in focus

Audio watermarking

Seamless synchronization between TV broadcasts and in-app feeds is on.

Powerful control panel

Match organizers can effortlessly accept and process bets through an administrative back-end module.

Event and user management

Aligning users and their bets with events streamlines the process of managing accurate predictions and rewarding prizes.

Communication module

Hundreds of thousands of concurrent requests are smoothly handled by the system.

Advanced load balancing

Our scalable infrastructure ensures seamless user traffic management, preventing downtime even with up to 500,000 simultaneous bets.

Database clustering

Handling thousands of registered users in real-time poses no obstacles and interruptions during live bets.

At the core of the app: Interactive viewing unleashed

By integrating a second-screen application with the TV streaming app, the broadcaster enhances engagement by empowering fans to feel their voices are heard, while also rewarding them for accurate predictions with branded soccer team prizes.

Paired with a non-intrusive method of introducing betting options during soccer match breaks, fans remain undistracted by annoying UX elements and simultaneously feel more immersed in the game’s atmosphere.

Next steps involve introducing new interactive features to the app, further enriching the fan experience and fostering deeper engagement.

Exclusive chat rooms

Enable real-time discussions on soccer matches within a dedicated fan community.

Fan polls

Let viewers cast their votes for favorites during the game.

Real-time score stats

Engage those joining mid-game and eager to place a bet.

Are you longing for immersive viewership?

We possess the technological best practices to enhance your media streaming strategy.

Delivery Model
Scope-driven milestone-based development
Effort and Duration
2.5 months, 18 man-months
PHP, Mobile, JavaScript, Symfony, React Native, Erlang, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, HAProxy, iOS, Android