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Become a Partner and Help Your Clients Beat the Competition

Oxagile understands the real value of cooperative effort and loyal business partnerships with our clients and proactive entrepreneurs. We believe that collaborative relationships help everyone succeed in a business landscape, and strive to build win-win strategic alliances with our current and potential partners.

Such a synergy brings about business growth and new opportunities for both parties, fosters more productive environment, and contributes to faster business development. We think our partner network is so important that we assign a personal marketing manager to each agent or partner, to ensure your working relationship with us is smooth and hassle-free. In many cases, we can also cover your marketing and communication expenses to ensure you keep your customer focus.

We invite you to participate in our Business Development Partnership Program.

If you run an IT consultancy business or you are an energetic individual looking to seize new business opportunities, you can opt for one of the following Business Development Partnership models that suits you best:


Our clear goal is to expand our market reach and provide global services. Oxagile looks for enthusiastic sales professionals and proactive entrepreneurs to support our sales activities worldwide and generate new business opportunities. On joining our Partnership Program as a representative, your key responsibilities will include mining sales opportunities and generating leads, backed by full support of the technical and sales team on our side. In return, we guarantee generous remuneration for your pre-sale efforts and commissions for new prospects. Commissions are set on a case-by-base basis to ensure the best scenario for everyone involved.

IT Consultant

Oxagile is focused on developing strategic cooperation with companies offering IT consultancy services and suggesting the right technology partner to their clients. If you specialize in IT consultancy, you can join Oxagile’s Business Development Partnership Program and connect your customers with the Oxagile technology competencies that match their requirements. We provide you with all the necessary marketing materials, suitable domain-specific references and other qualification information. In return you get:

  • higher profit margin
  • faster business growth
  • happy customers linked to a highly-qualified software provider

Networking Partner

Networking is an unprecedented business driver, and we see it as great resource for our business. Oxagile offers good incentives for you to promote our company among prospective clients, introducing our services to companies that can benefit from our professional expertise, as well as other referrals that translate into new business opportunities. We ensure win-win proposition and fair referral fees for the companies and individuals participating in our Business Development Partnership Program as networking partners.

Contact us to discuss our partnership options! If you’re not sure which program is for you, or if you’re ready to jump on board, we’d love to hear from you!

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