Leverage our fitness app development expertise

We’re a full-cycle sports and fitness app development company ready to take your fitness idea from A to Z. Underpinned by our deep sports software development knowledge, we use the best of techs to assist you in developing, monetizing, and supporting your fitness solution.

Build a fitness app that exceeds user expectations

Struggling to boost user satisfaction? Our health and fitness app developers have got your back.

Improving app usability

Capitalize on our mobile development expertise to create a fitness app with a great look and feel. Ensure a simple login process, smooth onboarding, and intuitive cross-platform navigation to reduce app abandonment and increase revenues.

Ensuring rock-solid performance

Use our backend knowledge to develop a fitness app with a robust, highly scalable infrastructure able to scale to a virtually infinite number of users as your business grows. Harness our performance engineering skills and know-hows around battery life, RAM, GPU, and data caching optimizations to ensure lightning-fast app operation.

Driving user engagement

Experts in fitness software development, we’ll help you get to the crux of user needs. Bank on ML-fueled content and product recommendations, location-based offers, virtual workouts, and more — to reimagine the way you interact with users.

Increasing app security

We follow best practices around OWASP, HIPAA, and PCI to make sure user health and payment data is fully protected. We can help you leverage AI-based fraud detection and biometric authentication capabilities to give users an extra layer of comfort.

Tap into our fitness app development services

Show users how much you care about them at every touchpoint. Develop impactful fitness apps that motivate and engage — on mobile, tablets, and smart watches.

Activity trackers

  • Accurate monitoring of physical activities like walking, jogging, cycling, and more
  • Personal health tracking: heart rate, blood pressure, skin temperature, sleep, etc.
  • Exercise calorie burn rate calculation
  • Fitness goals setting and tracking
  • Personalized exercise plans
  • Posture control functionality
  • Advanced performance stats
  • Smooth integration with EHRs and other medical systems

Workout apps

  • Gym and home exercises accessible via textual and audio instructions, VoD libraries, live streaming, etc.
  • Custom workout programs with nutrition recommendations
  • Personal coaches for yoga and meditation, pilates, cross-fit, and more
  • VR-based workouts
  • Detailed training reports
  • Rewards for reaching milestones
  • Comprehensive loyalty programs: partner deals for gyms, spa retreats, healthy meals, etc.
  • Integration with sports eCommerce platforms
  • In-app maps showing nearby fitness centers

Nutrition and diet apps

  • Comprehensive nutritional value calculation
  • Personalized nutrition programs
  • Meal and vitamin intake reminders
  • BI-enabled progress tracking
  • OCR-powered creation of healthy recipes
  • Automatiс generation of grocery lists from healthy meal plans
  • In-app purchases of food, vitamins, supplements, etc.
  • Proximity-based suggestions of healthy food restaurants

Social media fitness apps

  • Physical activity tracking
  • Extensive multimedia libraries with workout tutorials
  • Fitness tips blogs
  • Social chats and discussion forums
  • Workout accomplishments sharing
  • Fitness competitions and other group events
  • Extensive networks of coaches and panel experts
  • Gym membership management

Thinking about entrusting your financial success to a pre-built fitness app?

We’ve examined the leading fitness apps and exposed their pitfalls, so you won’t find yourself caught in their traps.

Users expect a lot. Give them even more

Unleash the power of our fitness app development services and expertise to fuel user enthusiasm and help them achieve their most ambitious fitness goals.

Smooth streaming tailored to your customer needs

  • Do you think online coaching has gone with the lockdown? What a delusion! Organize one-on-one or group video workouts and increase your customer base.
  • Not sure a lot of customers can join live streaming? Film and record fitness classes for those who can’t visit your workout training in real time. Don’t lose your valued customers!

Real-time insights in user’s phone

  • In-app gamification will engage your users to stay longer with you. Let them set and achieve fitness goals. Miles, calories, or “whatever” calculators are must-haves!
  • Keeping track of activity progress is what users expect, so minimize data overload in your app for smooth experience. Customize progress tracking and give your users unique experience.

Keeping abreast with watches

Sleep tracking, deep heart and pulse monitoring… If users strive to make healthy choices, let them do it by sharing valuable info. What about implementing an intelligent alarm clock? Help them be sure that they have enough energy for fitness!

Faster transactions, more customers

  • Monetizing not just brings more revenue to you, but also more customers. Ensure fast and flexible payment options to keep your users from switching.
  • Make it easier for your customers to pay for fitness membership without queues and in a few clicks. “Living-on-the-go” consumers are likely to choose such a service.

The precise position identified in real-time

Want to add runners and cyclers to your targets? Geo-location tracking is what mobile apps need for outdoor exercises. Make your users be proud of their sports achievements — just incorporate instant insights gathered based on GPS data and ensure users can share them on social networks.

For workouts and diet nutrition

  • Why not customize your training services? Develop individual fitness plans for your clients, based on their weight, lifestyle, etc. Create personal schedules or give them individual video workouts in your fitness app.
  • Do you work on your client’s food ration? Incorporate your domain expertise in a nutrition app functionality. Let your clients maintain a balanced diet by building personal nutrition plans, with weight, kcal, water balance taken into account.

Who we are for our clients

Knowing the ropes in EdTech

Our extensive project portfolio and in-depth domain knowledge allow us to add value to your business.

Innovators keeping pace with trends

We strive to introduce innovations that will help your fitness apps attract more users.

Data security guardians

Our fitness software development projects comply with high security standards.

You asked, we answered

How much does it cost to develop a fitness app?

The overall project costs depend on the number of features intended, their complexity, and required tech stack. A minimal viable product will be cheaper than an app with all the functionality. Do you have a fitness app idea?

How long does fitness software development take?

It depends on several factors, including project complexity and the intended functionality. To get accurate time estimates, we need to consider the requirements for your fitness app. Feel free to drop us a line.

Can you build a Trainerize-like app?

We’ve delivered several projects in the sports domain with features similar to those used in this coaching app. We’ll be happy to discuss your project in detail.

Do I need both iOS and Android apps to enter the market?

Before entering the market, you should conduct thorough market research to define your app’s target audience. Both platforms’ costs are quite different. For example, iOS development is traditionally more expensive, while Android apps’ functionality differs greatly from iOS apps, which also influences the project cost. Do you have an ambitious fitness app idea?