Introducing the solution we amplified

It’s a unified communications as a service (UCaaS) platform for enabling real-time communication within a team and with external users. The app is available for Android- and iOS-based devices and has 2,000 actual users.

What are the core features?

  • WebRTC and GSM communication
  • Diverse communication options, including voice mails and chatting
  • User contact directories
  • Camera-on/-off video calling

Who are end users?

3 issues the client emphasized about the product’s current state

The mobile apps’ instability

“Our cross-platform application, which is built on React Native, is showing performance instability. Users still report about the system bugs and unexpected crashes.”

Unstable test automation

“Our front-end developers created the list of the tests that needed to be covered and had several tests coded, but we require extra professional expertise to launch the ongoing test automation process.”

Non-scalable solution for breaking into new markets

“Our startup is ready for transformation to enter the new markets and strengthen our presence in the existing ones. We are looking for BA expertise to understand what to change.”


For resolving CI and Jenkins configuration bottlenecks

Test automation development

For ensuring the test coverage for all the app’s components and debugging

Business analysis

For conducting the US and CA market analyses

Quality assurance

For fixing the existing bugs and preventing new ones

UX/UI Design

For reviewing the app’s user experience

How Oxagile resolved the client’s pain points to…

… Stop the app from crashing and ensure its seamless user experience

We eliminated the existing app errors that had been identified by the product owner and users, and managed to:

  • Resolve 45 backlog bugs, which was as twice fewer as it had been
  • Reduce the number of inbound app issues to three escalations per month

… Implement and automate the app’s test coverage

Oxagile’s team enabled automated tests in Detox, covering the whole application. While plunging into the client’s project details, our team identified the issues with configuration items, Jenkins configuration, and legacy approach to coding. To unblock these bottlenecks, we suggested:

  • Applying our DevOps best practices for eliminating the problems with CI and Jenkins
  • The app’s code refactoring for improving the design, structure, and implementation of the app

The project milestones we accomplished

App crashes reduced

Backlog bugs decreased

Inbound issues diminished

Oxagile went the extra mile to level up the startup

UX audit and consulting

The UX design revealed about 120 UI-related bugs, including the entire issue of broken user journeys that don’t fit the flows expected by the initial concept, and suggested the scope of UX enhancements.

Prototyping of user journeys

Now the client has the app’s navigation stack that clearly describes and documents all the user actions within specific flows such as video or audio calling or contact creation.

Mobile market research and upgrades

Thanks to Oxagile’s competitor research, the client has the list of features and app components that need improving to stand out while entering the US market and attract new users in the current one.

Scaling our WebRTC expertise to educators’ needs

Oxagile provides win-win collaboration scenarios based on the success factors below: