What does the solution entail?

Oxagile developed an intuitive, easy-to-use online skill and achievement tracking system for fitness centers. It’s actively utilized as:

  • Online evaluation solution

  • Convenient testing software

360-degree view of the skill tracking solution we’ve delivered

It’s a hassle-free progress measuring and performance monitoring app designed for every expertise level, from professionals to amateurs, and for simplifying the training process for both teachers and students.

Having a fully domain-agnostic core, it can be utilized to support almost any class-based activity or business, expanding beyond the boundaries of any specific field. Perfect for gym members to measure the productivity of their workouts, this tool can also be conveniently used to help coaches track students’ performance, or even language or culinary learners to monitor their progress.

The features that transform these instructional processes from chores into enjoyable pursuits include:

Simplified gym management

Gym owners can track attendance, as well as easily manage family, staff, skill sets, and workout schedule data.

Clean UI for iOS and Android

We aimed for a highly intuitive and streamlined UI and UX design that works equally well on both operating systems.

Fully customizable content and skill charts

The app allows you to upload video and photo tutorials demonstrating, for example, the technique of performing a gymnastics element, and track the client’s progress with visual graphs and indicators.

Real-time achievement and level-up notifications

To avoid any delays in communication, students can receive email or push notifications, allowing them to stay updated on their progress in real-time, much like parents can monitor their child’s performance.

Personalized certifications

The thrill of seeing progress is fueled by the automatically generated online certificates and digital badges of honor. They come with shareable links, allowing students to exhibit their accomplishments to family, friends, or prospective employers.

Skill rating system

The app makes skill evaluation super easy with customizable star ratings, charts, and instant feedback to guide improvement or inspire motivation.

An immediate success among those who use it

Our yoga studio has been using this app for a while now, and I've got to give a big shoutout to the devs behind it for helping us keep things interesting for our students! And our teachers absolutely adore the ability to create their own skill charts and customize the process. Levels, events, curriculums, stars – such flexibility lets our students choose whether they want to focus on one direction or mix and match, letting them have ownership of their success and, ultimately, fueling user retention.


Oxagile’s team leveraged its expertise in mobile development to deliver a highly customizable and easy-to-use online skill tracking solution for gym facilities that can easily be used in any sphere. The system makes skill and achievement tracking a breeze, keeps students and parents in the loop, helps identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement with personal feedback, and enables sharing achievements with others, fueling engagement and propelling growth.

It is a white label solution and can be quickly and easily tailored to the needs and branding specifics of a gym or any other skill-tracking business.

Delivery Model
SLA-driven task backlog delivery (TM-based)
Effort and Duration
10 months, 19 man-months
Java, Mobile, Spring, Hibernate, ActiveMQ, MySQL, Apache Tomcat, iOS, Android