Taking the wraps off the solution

Brief client profile

The customer operates an innovative content delivery platform that enables businesses to easily access, distribute, and analyze content. The content can be seamlessly pushed to any web-enabled screen in the world.

Needs at the top of their agenda

The client’s objective was to secure their demand in the market and broaden their user base by extending the system to provide integration with a range of smart TV platforms and enabling hassle-free streaming of text and multimedia content to TVs directly from iOS or Android apps.

Oxagile’s response

The solution delivered successfully meets all client objectives: It includes a set of smart TV apps that act as receivers to enable easy content sharing of supported file types and a robust mobile SDK.

Overcoming the key architectural challenge

At the outset, the client expressed concerns regarding the seamless integration between mobile devices and TV platforms. The challenge arose from the inconsistency in implementing the standardized DIAL protocol across third-party SDKs provided by TV platform vendors, which is crucial for communication between mobile devices and TV platforms.

“To ensure seamless interaction between mobile apps and TV platforms, we devised a plan to modify the architecture and utilize custom 3rd-party libraries (Connect SDK, Multiscreen SDK, Amazon Fling, Google Cast). It is worth noting that the decision-making process was very transparent for the client, hence their trust in us. Progress was also showcased through recorded videos, allowing the client to transparently track progress without waiting until the end of the final project delivery.”
— Project Manager

Multiple platforms for broader reach

The system provides robust Smart TV apps within a variety of TV devices, including Samsung’s Tizen- and LG’s WebOS-based devices, as well as Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV HDMI-dongles.

Such presence on multiple platforms entails:

  • potential partnerships and collaborations with device manufacturers or other content providers,
  • diversifying the user base, catering to the needs of users who may prefer different devices for consuming content,
  • optimized and intuitive user experience, leading to improved content accessibility and user satisfaction.

Second screening for viewership growth

A cutting-edge SDK for a patented content mobility platform seamlessly integrates iOS and Android apps with supported smart TVs.

The integration empowers users to:

  • easily stream engaging content directly to a TV screen — including presentations, images, audio and video files, Dropbox files, YouTube videos, and more.
  • engage with extra content or make spontaneous purchases while enjoying their favorite shows.
  • participate in a more interactive and social viewing experience, allowing engagement through polls, chats, and live commentary, thus enhancing overall enjoyment.

Plans for evolving the viewing experiences across platforms

“Our client's commitment to enhancing viewing experiences is boundless. Going beyond Samsung's Tizen, LG's WebOS, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV, they're enthusiastic about incorporating the Roku, Apple TV, and Android STB platforms. With Oxagile's Smart TV app development expertise, we're excited about the prospects of continuing our partnership and upholding our client’s paramount objective of delivering unparalleled quality and service to both present and future viewers.”
— Project Manager
Delivery Model
Scope-driven milestone-based development
Effort and Duration
2 months, 5 man-months
Java, Samsung Smart View SDK, Connect SDK, Amazon Fling SDK, Google Cast SDK, Objective-C, HTML5, JavaScript