Project overview

Oxagile’s team migrated the portal to Sitecore CMS, making it possible to easily manage content, provide customizable forum and blog functionality, and publish news and press-releases automatically.

Integration with the Ning social media platform allows users to organize their ooVoo video events and share videos with other participants. Furthermore, Facebook users can now call each other via ooVoo right from their Facebook account.

Client: ooVoo, the company behind a popular video chat and instant messaging client, challenged Oxagile with extending the functionality of their product’s web portal to open up new promotion opportunities.

Information & Communication
Delivery Model
SLA-driven task backlog delivery (TM-based)
Effort and Duration
12 months, 46 man-months
PHP, .NET, Sitecore CMS, Facebook API
  • Oxagile worked weekends and nights to get it done.

    Our first project was successful and done very quickly and the quality was very good despite a lack of requirements docs and frequent change requests.

    The Oxagile team showed good communication skills, initiative, responsibility, and a structured approach. When we had insane deadlines, Oxagile worked weekends and nights to get it done.

    They have done great work, and I plan to continue to outsource significant pieces of both our operations and development to them.

    Thomas J. Herman
    Vice President Product Marketing, ooVoo LLC