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OTT software provider

What truly matters to their team?

Navigating the intricacies of a white-label OTT streaming platform presents a challenge. The provider’s team requires a dynamic solution that facilitates swift UX customization and seamless integration of branding elements, streamlining the onboarding process for new clients with utmost efficiency.

The client reveals their pain points

As we venture into building a new OTT streaming product for broadcasters and video content distributors, we are faced with the challenge of crafting an adaptable white-label solution. We're keen on ensuring that it not only embraces the unique specifications of each platform but also allows for easy branding and app customization.

Our goal is to build something that resonates deeply with our audience, offering a seamless and personalized user experience across various platforms.
— The client’s representative

Beyond boundaries: Crafting a versatile UX/UI narrative

Adapting UX to multiple platforms

Developing a user-friendly experience for a white-label OTT streaming solution demands a nuanced understanding of TV zone ergonomics, screen resolutions, and user behaviors.

Navigating these complexities, we optimize screen layouts and navigation controls, ensuring consistent streaming across devices. Adapting to diverse viewing environments and accommodating branding preferences add further complexity, getting us challenged as we must foresee and consider all the needs of the software provider’s clients.

UI/UX portfolio designed for different web browsers

Designing UIs effortlessly configured and branded

Adapting user interfaces for different brands adds a multifaceted challenge. The complexity deepens when building a universal system for resale, allowing individual branding and content uploads.

Some of the preferences may include:

  • For instance, crafting a UI for a platform like Netflix may involve considerations such as dark screens, gradient backgrounds, and strategically placed images to accentuate content visibility.
  • Conversely, a client with a news-oriented format may prefer lighter aesthetics with vibrant colors, emphasizing speed and readability.

Balancing them while ensuring brand coherence and user engagement demands meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of each client’s unique requirements.

Beyond UI/UX practices: When architecture also matters in the realm of easily configurable white-label OTT platforms

Witness the emergence of a singular business logic tailored for all platforms. Explore our intricate architectural design, meticulously crafted for optimal code reuse and cultural resonance.

Product: Highly customizable broadcasting apps for six different platforms

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Who is the UI/UX adapted for:

Large European telecommunications operator

Project summary:

With a focus on versatility and innovation, we crafted a design tailored to mobile, web, and Smart TV platforms. The cornerstone of our endeavor was the implementation of a combined OTT (Over-the-Top) and IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) platform, seamlessly integrating an array of interactive features tailored to the client’s unique market landscape. Our development journey encompassed the creation of customized frontend applications across multiple platforms, ensuring a cohesive user experience across diverse devices.

Product: White-label video distribution platform

Project summary

We began our collaboration by developing the distribution platform’s admin system, enabling the configuration of streaming experiences. Subsequently, we assisted the client in creating branded app designs.

Who is the UI/UX adapted for

The platform has been customized and branded for video content distributors.

How we craft value beyond measure


Product mindset

With a product mindset honed by the extensive collaboration with diverse OTT software providers, our team crafts solutions that seamlessly integrate innovation and functionality. We leverage our expertise to ensure your product not only meets but exceeds expectations, delivering exceptional value to your audience.


Platform guides

Explore our expertise in design guidelines across various platforms, spanning Smart TVs, set-top boxes, web, mobile, and tablet applications. We specialize in crafting visually captivating app designs that cater to user preferences, while addressing the nuances of publishing on each distinct platform.


Market expertise

In evaluating content distribution strategies, we delve into the target audience analysis, pinpointing demographic details, behavioral patterns, geographic considerations, psychographic traits, and other intricate data pertinent to the business. Through this approach, we guarantee the viability of interfaces tailored to the regions of interest.


Business requirements

We guarantee that platform-specific intricacies and potential opportunities align with business goals through a thorough reassessment of requirements. This may involve accounting for budgetary limitations and prioritizing a speedy time-to-market approach.


Device proficiency

Having accumulated close to two decades of expertise in OTT streaming, we’ve engaged with nearly every device type, enabling us to cultivate UI/UX best practices tailored to the unique attributes of each screen.