What’s it about?

  • A marketplace where celebrities offer experiences or items to their fans for sale
  • An unlimited number of talents and their admirers can be supported as platform users
  • No geographical boundaries — people all around the world are connected
  • Microservices architecture for fast and easy scalability of the platform
  • Rapid system deployment with Amazon Web Services
Delivery Model
SLA-driven task backlog delivery (TM-based)
Effort and Duration
10 months, 11,500 man-hours
ReactJS, NodeJS, Next and Nest frameworks, AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, GitLab CI

More than eCommerce — it’s about dedication

How to make celebrities and their followers get closer to each other?

Our client was inspired to give the answer with a scalable eCommerce platform uniting actors, sportsmen, singers, or writers on the one hand and their admirers on the other. Why is it a win-win for both parties?


  • Boost their revenues by selling experiences or goods
  • Promote personal branding, offering their merch on the platform
  • Expand their audience and strengthen ties with dedicated fans


  • Support their fav bands or teams financially
  • Make their dreams come true, attending joint events
  • Get merchandise items and autographed posters

The idea behind is as follows — a star signs up in the system, receiving an opportunity to put up for sale any experience, accessories, clothing, events, or even in-person meetings.

Their fans pick up the option that resonates most with them and make the wish come true after paying for it.
The solution in its turn should enable quick and trouble-free order management, payment, and shipping processes, answering for the high quality of goods and services delivered.

To put the idea into action, our customer relied on Oxagile’s backend, frontend, design, and QA specialists and their experience in eCommerce platform development.

Solution features: from sign-in to shipping

Our team implemented all features required for the end-to-end shopping process, including:

  • Facebook, Apple ID, and Google user authentication
  • Celebrity invitation module
  • Celebrity store page
  • SKU management
  • Order management (including order creation, tracking, and cancellation)
  • Shopping cart
  • Inventory management
  • Integration with payment services
  • Chatting with website administration
  • Notifications
  • International shipping

Delivering reliability and scalability at all levels

These were two primary requirements for the solution. To maintain a high level of system performance even during the increased server workload and to support the unlimited number of platform users, Oxagile’s team opted for:

  • Microservices architecture along with a database-per-service approach
  • AWS Load Balancer Controller
  • Horizontal Pod Autoscaler
  • Relational Database Management System

Letting experiences fly across the globe

Starting with 60 big names, the solution soon welcomed more celebs willing to share positive experiences and meaningful goods with their fan base.

As the solution delivered by Oxagile promptly addresses all scalability challenges, the service is likely to continually expand the portfolio of stars, each offering an unforgettable experience, and multiply the number of happy fans from the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Australia.