Key features and highlights

  • Call recording
  • Call statistics gathering
  • Seamless video communication at the click of a button
  • User account management
  • Built-in payment integration
  • UI customization and branding features
Delivery Model
SLA-driven task backlog delivery (TM-based)
Effort and Duration
10 months, 14 man-months
Java, Mobile, Groovy, Grails, JavaScript, Apache HTTP Server, Apache Tomcat, MySQL, OAuth, OpenTok, iOS

Project overview

A WebRTC-based web and mobile video chat platform designed to boost client engagement and sales on eCommerce websites. The platform integrates into any site by means of a special call button, ensuring instant face-to-face communication.

On the backend, the system offers intuitive user and account management, as well as secure payment integration. In addition, the software provides advanced yet easy-to-use call recording and stat collection features. By presenting the business owner with a complete set of analyzable data, the platform offers valuable insights into user behavior. The system seamlessly operates on all the major OSs and includes a dedicated iOS app to provide a first-class WebRTC experience for Apple users.

Currently, the customer is collecting market feedback regarding the system and planning the next project phase that will bring more improvements in terms of analytics, performance, and UX.