Project overview

End-to-end delivery of an innovative edtech project — from vision mapping and consulting to product release and support. The video-based platform helps educators share advice and best practices online.

Delivery Model
SLA-driven task backlog delivery (TM-based)
Effort and Duration
1600 man-months
PHP, Mobile, Symfony, PostgreSQL, AWS, React, Redux, ES6, Android Java, Retrofit, OkHttp, Gson, Moya, Cocoa Touch, Swift

Key features and highlights

  • Rich networking functionality with video questions and responses, comments, and playlists
  • Highly scalable system architecture supporting a large number of concurrent users
  • Detailed user behavior analytics and usability testing to drive product development
  • Advanced live video broadcasting capabilities
  • Cross-platform support (web, iOS, and Android)
  • Built-in text messenger for quick, hassle-free communication
  • Seamless subscriptions to favorite users and thematic channels
  • Working with the team has been awesome, and having their support and their insights just invaluable.

    It has been really helpful to have a team that is thinking about the future and pushes us to be sharper, to be clearer, more creative because ultimately we want to work for a long time and they want this platform to be a platform that’s successful.

    I’d recommend them to anybody who is looking for any sort of technology, software, future projects.

    Elyse Burden, Michael J. Crawford
    Product Owner, Product Manager, EdSpace