Slashing video processing time by 72%

  • Processing soccer match videos in minutes rather than hours
  • Over 90% accuracy in identifying scoring moments, fouls, and other important scenes
  • Smart replay detection to accelerate highlights generation
  • Identification of each player to satisfy content needs 
  • Robust face recognition to speed up person-specific scene search
  • Powerful multifaceted filters for convenient manual highlight selection
  • Direct upload to YouTube, Vimeo, and other video hosting platforms

Business challenge

The client, a major MAM and media logistics company, approached Oxagile with the need to scale soccer content monetization and transform the content generation process accordingly. The expectations for the solution were as follows:


  • Spending less time on viewing and processing highlights 
  • Streamlining the workflow for time-sensitive content
  • Reducing the possibility of human error in the final product
  • Cutting the cost of  production and monetization activities 
  • Making the solution suitable for both VoD and live content

Delivering a state-of-the-art machine learning highlights generator

After two months of work, the team presented a fully working solution, ready to be deployed on the client’s side.

The system met all the key requirements and successfully supported the client’s business needs in terms of monetization strategies, engagement opportunities, and cost-to-quality ratio.

Unmatched highlights detection accuracy

The platform is pre-trained to detect multiple moments of interest in soccer games. Using human-like ML algorithms, the solution analyzes and decomposes any soccer match to automatically generate a precisely tuned compilation of highlights, while significantly reducing manual effort.

The system recognizes and categorizes everything happening on the screen, including all foul types, red cards, scoreboards, audience reactions, and other replay-worthy moments. It further identifies teams and players based on facial and gear recognition, creating opportunities like compiling Messi’s corner kicks and other hyper-specialized moments.

Key features:

  • Groundbreaking human-like machine learning approach
  • Over 15 types of activities recognized
  • Easily trainable for new activity and/or highlight types
  • Manually adjustable filters for specific activities and players 
  • Intelligent filtering to automatically ignore irrelevant scenes and ads
  • Detection that matches the precision of manually achieved results 
  • Live stream highlight processing with a delay as low as 10 seconds 

Rapidly generating spot-on soccer compilations

Increased fan engagement 

Faster footage processing allows producing and publishing multiple compilations during and after the broadcast. As compilations arrive earlier, hardcore fans can stay up to date even with the games happening in parallel.

  • Low-latency content delivery for various occasions to any platform  
  • Unlimited creative potential in producing diverse, demand-driven content
  • Player-, championship-, year-, or team-based compilations

Better monetization strategies

The highlight generation platform enables video providers to deliver highly anticipated content in the crucial first hours after the match when the demand for summary and overview videos is at its peak. 

  • Video output compatible with YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.
  • Suitable for processing both VoD and live content 
  • Automatically finding the optimal ads insertion spots 

Reduced production costs 

Using smart replay detection technology, the solution is able to process footage and create highlight compilations up to 3.2 times faster. As soon as the match has ended, all processed highlights become available to the editors for a more in-depth scene categorization.

  • Fully automated content moderation
  • Less manual effort required to produce a compilation
  • The system can be trained to work with other types of soccer highlights 

Business value

The final product has been delivered within budget and on schedule, ready for launch in the client’s digital ecosystem.

By bringing intelligent automation into the equation, the client’s team has been able to slash the effort associated with additional content creation. Thanks to a reported 70% increase in footage processing speed, the cost of video production and postproduction has gone down significantly.

Beyond these gains, the ML-enabled engine has helped the client to:

  • extract more value from content through capture and reuse of noteworthy game moments;
  • enhance fan engagement on new and existing platforms;
  • start the process of digital transformation by revamping conventional content creation workflows.