Solution highlights

  • Design tailored to mobile, web, and Smart TV
  • Specialized TV packages and interactive EPGs
  • Binge-watching in both online and offline mode
  • Video recommendations and loyalty programs
  • ‘Continue watching’ functionality
  • Support for millions of subscribers
  • Support for different DRMs, including PlayReady, Widevine, FairPlay

Business challenge

One of the leading European telecommunications operators needed to strengthen their service offering and expand their subscriber base.

To help the client meet this ambitious goal, Oxagile, in partnership with Kaltura, implemented a combined OTT and IPTV platform with an array of interactive features unique to the client’s online video market. The development also included building customized frontend apps for multiple platforms.

Highly customizable apps seamlessly integrated with Kaltura back end

To create seamless experiences for millions of users, Oxagile built a set of robust, highly interactive frontend applications connected to Kaltura’s backend through a set of powerful APIs.

Given our extensive experience in leveraging Kaltura’s backend on other projects, we were well-equipped to seamlessly integrate a rich client application that offered flexibility in customization of the streaming service, letting the customer rapidly add trendy features through the frontend, regardless of the business logic at the backend.

Serving a market of 80+ million viewers

  • Support for LG and Samsung Smart TVs, Android, iOS, Apple TV, VIDAA TV OS, and web
  • Uncluttered, easy-to-navigate UI and on-the-fly customizations
  • Intuitive onboarding flows supporting various user types
  • Up to five screens for one profile and several profiles per household
  • Flawless solution performance under high load
  • Smooth viewing experience on Smart TVs, including low-end devices

Powerful user-centered viewing experience

  • Rich video library of free and paid content (live broadcasts, movies, TV series)
  • Interactive EPGs for more than 200 TV channels
  • Uninterrupted channel surfing (zapping)
  • Continuous watching from screen to screen
  • Catch-up and time shift functionality
  • Advanced kids profiles and parental controls
  • Multiple monetization models: SVOD, TVOD, AVOD
  • QR code authorization on Smart TV devices via phone
  • Payments via QR code for faster and more convenient content access

Focus on personalization and interactivity

  • Specialized TV packages with relevant topics and genres (nature documentaries, cartoons, sports)
  • Content collections with curated sets of shows and movies grouped by theme, lead actor, awards, and other attributes
  • AI-powered, hyper-personalized video recommendations
  • Content grouping using Content Reference Identifier (CRID) for getting an asset offered by a variety of vendors within the same subscription or combining linear streams with new episodes from a VoD library
  • Loyalty programs to encourage viewers to consume and purchase more content
  • Linear channel ad insertion and targeted advertising capabilities

Facilitating secure, legally compliant streaming via adult verification

We successfully tackled legal compliance challenges by integrating required age warnings into the existing product, which had grown into numerous content-related workflows and screens for several years.

Through multi-level adjustments, users are now prompted to confirm their consent and age before accessing content, which prevents younger viewers from watching content not allowed for their age.

Interested in discovering more practices for enabling safe streaming experiences for young viewers?


Ensuring tailored client-side ad insertion across screens

The project scope also encompassed implementing an AdTech feature that allowed the telco operator to seamlessly navigate to the start of advertising blocks during channel programs, display advertisements, and return to the original content stream. Extensive efforts have been dedicated to ensuring smooth workflow operations across web platforms, mobile devices, and smartphones.

Superior performance on all devices

We ensured seamless delivery of content, preventing potential slowdowns or freezes for users, including on low-performance devices, by:

  • Reducing memory consumption to minimize system load
  • Fine-tuning the timing of interactions for smooth and timely playback
  • Enhancing system stability by detecting and preventing memory leakage issues
  • Securing scalability potential in terms of content to avoid app unresponsiveness

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Promoting quality with test automation coverage reaching 70%

Oxagile’s QA engineers used a proprietary algorithm based on historical data to determine the feasibility of automated testing. By automating only the tasks that were too complex and repetitive to test manually, the team was able to improve product quality and dramatically cut the cost of regression testing.

  • Automating functional, regression, and integration testing across devices
  • 1,500 tests (mobile, API, Smart TV) in less than 30 minutes
  • Four hours of testing to go live on every platform
  • 60% of automated QA coverage on Smart TVs

Business value

  • Hassle-free customization of training

  • Over 100,000 downloads of iOS and Android apps — each

  • User base exceeding 80 million subscribers

  • Reduced churn and increased ARPU