Media asset management software creation: what might be tricky here?

All these observations represent typical reasons for concern that arise when you’re involved in MAM system creation and management at all levels. Overcomplexity of media asset management solutions is behind it all — multi-layered processes, different roles and dependencies, high requirements to media processing speed, and third-party integrations can’t go unnoticed for the system scalability and performance. Are there any means to elude the constraints?

Oxagile’s proven formulas to combat MAM system complexity

Turn system limitations into scalability opportunities

How we do it:

  • Conduct a 360-degree system audit to identify MAM platform constraints and find the ways to eliminate them
  • Scale the system to accommodate the needs of more customers
  • Introduce a more flexible infrastructure, e.g., via cloud migration made by our certified specialists

Translate a tangle of systems into seamless integrations

What are the best practices here?

  • Building a microservices architecture to lean toward independently deployable services
  • Orchestration middleware creation for transparent jobs handling and the enablement of advanced rule management, queue prioritization, and status monitoring
  • Data management across multiple systems, including legacy

Unscramble workflows with an effective UX

What lets system users grasp the workflows in no time:

  • Intuitive visualization of all flow dependencies
  • An uncluttered, clear, consistent UI
  • Handy navigation that allows reaching any task goal in a few clicks

Transform bottlenecks into doubled efficiency

Which activities allow bypassing the complexities:

  • Performance engineering enhancements, like cross-site searching, faster response time, and development time savings
  • DevOps services to improve the internal effectiveness and team interoperability
  • Collaborative cloud workflows

Grant your MAM solution extra powers through:

  • Advanced business intelligence

    • A billing component for calculating infrastructure costs, either cloud or on-premise
    • Oxagile’s BI expertise to ensure project savings, as per a client’s individual request

  • Metadata management

    • Harmonizing metadata to ensure a fault-free delivery cycle, from content ingestion to its multi-platform distribution
    • Providing metadata-driven workflow orchestration enhancements

Introducing AI to metadata generation operations is 2024’s winning strategy

  • Harness advanced capabilities to enable the intelligent extraction of speech, music, and visual objects metadata, thereby enhancing the discoverability of content for viewers
  • Implement automatic content meta tagging, facilitating its editing to enable an interactive user experience for the OTT system’s end users
  • Utilize smart caption creation and reviewing processes to ensure compliance with industry standards
  • Create contextual thumbnail options based on past content choices, providing users with visually appealing and relevant thumbnail suggestions that increase engagement and improve content discoverability

Consulting as one of Oxagile’s key services to help you make right MAM decision

As we’re dealing with different media asset management systems’ limitations and dependencies on the projects, this gives us a hands-on understanding of MAM software introduced in the market.

Our team will gladly share their knowledge with you, delving into your business specifics and advising on an optimal media asset management paradigm.

Creation of custom MAM modules

When full-fledged MAM systems are likely to overcomplicate your current workflows, we are here to develop lightweight custom components to enhance your media processing pipelines.

Vendor-neutral MAM guidance

Working with various media asset management systems, our team can evaluate which one is the most beneficial for you.

Scalability, UX, and TCO advising

We’ll provide you with all-round consultancy coverage, no matter what your concern is, to bring a seamless media asset management experience to streaming workflows.

Oxagile’s expertise that might be an added value for you