Custom Media Asset Orchestration Solutions

In today’s fast-paced world of media management broadcasters, studios and content producers are working against tight deadlines and SLAs while dealing with a large number of tasks, work orders, communications, editing jobs, QC operations, and disparate systems and technologies within their MAM-driven workflows.

That’s where MAM orchestration solutions come in. Acting as a central operational hub, a MAM orchestrator saves time and money by automating many manual operations throughout your media management lifecycle — from bulk ingestion and transcoding to OTT fulfillment and playout.

Why Oxagile

Deep Video Domain Expertise

Since the company’s inception in 2005, custom video solutions development has been at the core of our service offering. This experience, coupled with an understanding of media workflows, allows us to understand your pain points and find no-nonsense ways to tackle them.

Unrivaled UI and UX Mastery

We bring UI design and user experience acumen to every engineering task at hand. Be it frontend development, workflow design tools, or sophisticated business intelligence dashboards, our chief goal is to create an intuitive user experience every stakeholder will love.

Machine Learning Know-How

Take advantage of our computer vision and machine learning know-how to automate video workflows around image analysis, quality control, and compliance. Or capitalize on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate legacy systems that are too costly to redesign.

Our Expertise

Comprehensive Workflow Orchestration

Build a custom orchestration solution to trigger, control, and monitor every MAM-related process, operation or user task from a single seat. Easily define workflows to manage content, metadata, scheduling, communications,  distribution, and more — with minimal or no operator input required.

Across-The-Board Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with every MAM component you already use. From transcoding and transmuxing to automatic QC to high-speed data transfer to creative editing to scheduling — an orchestrator will transparently handle jobs across all your systems while enabling advanced rule management, queue prioritization, and status monitoring.

Metadata Management and Enhancement

Technical metadata is key to workflow orchestration within a MAM system. Implement metadata schemas that fit your unique business needs, then integrate metadata into your workflow. Trigger complex workflows on data input and enrich metadata when a process completes — in a completely automated way.

Advanced Business Intelligence

Get instant, real-time insights into your MAM operations as well as business-critical KPIs via intelligent BI dashboards. Enjoy 100% visibility across all systems and silos within your enterprise and beyond. Identify performance bottlenecks and improve your business processes with confidence based on hard facts.

Effortless Team Collaboration

Use powerful collaboration tools to support a work-anywhere environment with multiple vendor and client teams. Tap into alerts, conferencing, file sharing, and chat functionality to bridge the gap between geographies and organizations — while ensuring content protection via security-hardened web clients and mobile apps.

Flexible Workflow Designer

Leverage our UX expertise and engineering know-how to create a workflow designer that is accessible to a business user of any background. Easily describe flows, steps, triggers, dependencies, operations, and alerts in a point-and-click GUI to ensure that content travels seamlessly through the pipeline.

Top-Notch Security and Access Control

Make sure only authorized users have access to sensitive content or business-critical orchestration workflows. Implement fine-grained user management and access control that works flawlessly across locations, distributed teams, external clients, or third-party service providers.

Custom MAM Component Development

Sometimes your existing solutions just don’t cut it. Capitalize on our years of experience in online video and custom product development to enhance or retool your existing systems. From UI and UX to back­end and custom API development — we’ve got you covered.

MAM Orchestration Solutions

Leverage our wealth of expertise in OVP development and solid engineering skills to build custom MAM orchestration solutions. Unlock next-generation efficiencies and cost savings by automating media workflows around:

  • Transcoding and quality control
  • Audio and video editing
  • Cue point and marker assignment
  • Subtitling and dubbing
  • Metadata management and enrichment
  • Archiving and scheduling

Professional Consulting Services

Are you struggling with MAM orchestration or planning to move part of your asset management operations into the cloud? Whatever your business case is, our MAM experts will propose the optimal solution in terms of:

  • Content security
  • Redundancy and failover
  • Scalability and availability
  • ROI
  • Total cost of ownership

We Have What It Takes Whatever Your Video Needs Are

When your business case calls for expertise beyond media asset management and orchestration, our team is ready to deliver a great solution around: