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Mobile Project Examples

Patient Portal and Mobile Apps for Older People

A HIPAA-compliant web portal backed with native mobile apps to help older people:

  • view medical records;
  • access a database of over 2,000 care providers;
  • communicate with a physician;
  • upload medical documents and email them to a doctor;
  • find nearby hospitals based on the current geolocation.

WebRTC-Based Event Broadcasting App

A powerful WebRTC-based broadcasting app for iOS that leverages the Kurento media server for top-notch performance and communication quality.

The solution empowers teams to effortlessly manage live event broadcasts via Facebook and comes with handy features like online chat and built-in analytics.

Next-Generation Content Mobility Platform SDK for Smart TVs

Oxagile extended the functionality of a powerful content delivery platform to provide integration with smart TVs.

The upgraded solution allows direct streaming of content from iOS and Android devices to a range of supported smart TV platforms and streaming sticks.

Customizable Skill Tracking Solution for Youth Fitness Centers

A white-label solution that lets gym owners easily manage all aspects of their clients’ fitness program, including attendance, skillset, and workout schedule data.

The students’ results can be tracked and shared with their parents, who can print out certificates of achievement or share this info via a direct link.

Highly Scalable Live TV Solution

An intuitive, easy-to-deploy live TV solution designed to help pay TV operators and telecommunications companies gain a competitive edge.

The product streams live channels to iOS- and Android-based devices, implements all the necessary security requirements, and features a scalable backend complete with integrated TV encoders and CDN support.