Business intelligence software development

From sourcing to presenting your most sought-after data, we help open the door to a wealth of insights on business development, marketing, customer experience, human resource management, performance efficiency, and more. Seamlessly fitting enterprise IT landscapes, our solutions communicate with multiple integrated data sources to gain value from all the information at hand.

Industry focus is the cornerstone of our approach to BI software development. As data needs vary from one organization to another, we pay particular attention to business specifics of each customer, whether they belong to retail, manufacturing, healthcare, banking or other verticals.

Our core competencies


Data Discovery, Warehousing and ETL

Mapping out and integrating data sources that are most appropriate for your BI objectives. Building up a warehouse and getting your data ready for analysis — all clean, consistent and digestible.


OLAP and Data Visualization

Translating all the behind-the-scenes analy­tical work into neatly organized, precise information that can be easily sorted by the required criteria. Our dashboards are supported with scalable back-ends that are able to withstand high load at all times.


Reporting and Interactive Dashboards

Delivering customizable, interactive reporting dashboards that will serve as convenient go-to tools with minimum adoption barriers even for non-tech users.

Mobile BI

Mobile Business Intelligence

Bringing the power of business intelligence to mobile platforms of your choice wherever and whenever you need it.

Healthcare BI

Healthcare Business Intelligence

Extracting value from EHRs, EMRs, PHMs and other health data to improve operational efficiency. Uncovering insights from real-time and historical data to support clinical decision-making and enable better health outcomes.

Capitalize on our BI development expertise to inform your business decisions

Let our team of BI experts evaluate your long-term business goals and existing data infrastructure to come up with a custom-tailored roadmap that fits your project’s needs.

Our scope of business intelligence services

Our team is competent to cover a full range of business intelligence services — from consulting and BI solutions implementation to end-to-end testing and support. Whether you want to create tailored business intelligence software from scratch or fine-tune and orchestrate your existing BI-enabled products — we are here to help. Let us build your standalone tools or add BI features to web and mobile applications, including those in the cloud.

BI consulting

BI consulting

Let our team of data scientists, business consultants, and business intelligence engineers analyze your technical requirements, existing data infrastructure, and business goals to deliver a strategy and a detailed implementation roadmap for your BI-powered system.

Our consulting approach is results-driven — we work out a wide range of custom KPIs and monitoring algorithms to control the BI solution’s performance, assess its business value, and significantly increase ROI.

BI solutions development

BI solutions development

Tap into our expertise in big data and business intelligence development to build ETL infrastructure, optimize workflow management, smoothly integrate your BI solution into the data ecosystem, and continuously control all your data flows.

We utilize custom-made pattern recognition algorithms, neural networks, and pre-trained ML models to help you automate unstructured data classification, improve overall data quality, and turn all your user data into actionable insights.

BI integration services

BI integration services

Capitalize on our integration experience to leverage the power of a wide range of enterprise-grade business intelligence systems and to equip your software with next-generation analytical capabilities.

Streamlined access to data and data sources, interactive reports and live analytics, high compliance and extreme data security — that’s what you get from marrying your solution with the major BI platforms like Amazon QuickSight, Microsoft Power BI, Oracle BI, and more.

BI testing

BI testing

Leverage our QA team’s expertise in end-to-end testing to control the integrity and security of your business intelligence ecosystem, including data sources, data warehouses, analysis and reporting modules, and more.

We combine the power of our custom test automation framework and BI testing best practices to ensure data integrity and security across ETL cycle, guarantee on-demand scalability of data warehouses, and improve the overall performance of your business intelligence solution.

BI maintenance and support

BI maintenance and support

Engage our team of BI engineers and support technicians to be sure that any issues are addressed within minutes, not days.

Our Tier 2 and 3 specialists utilize a proactive maintenance approach and tailored monitoring tools to eliminate downtime of your business intelligence solutions, keep their health and performance at a 100% around-the-clock, and dramatically decrease maintenance costs.

BI and big data stack

Data Storage and Services

HDFS • Apache HBase • Apache Kudu • Apache Cassandra • DataStax • Cloudera • Redis • Microsoft Azure • Amazon

ETL and Data Processing

Hadoop MapReduce • Apache Flume • Apache Sqoop • Apache Spark • Apache Storm • Apache Hive • Apache Kafka • StreamSets Data Collector • ELK

BI and Analytics

Microsoft Power BI • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services • Oracle BI • TIBCO Jaspersoft BI • Apache Impala • Pentaho

Tap into our business intelligence expertise to gain a competitive edge

Our seasoned BI experts will help you capitalize on advanced analytics to reach your business goals — whatever your next development project may be. From highly engaging mobile applications to full-blown web portals, enhance your product with rich analytics capabilities to create great experiences and drive ROI.

IT Consulting

IT Consulting

We are ready for challenges of any scale and complexity. Whether you need a robust web solution able to support hundreds of thousands of concurrent users, or an advanced mobile app set to transform customer experience, we’ve got your back.


Web development

We know how to deliver comprehensive web experiences. Bank on our custom software development expertise to build disruptive B2B and B2C solutions with outstanding UI and UX, robust security, increased scalability, and AI-powered functionality.


Mobile development

Create an impactful mobile solution that delivers consistent cross-platform experiences without sacrificing look and feel. Enable secure in-app payments, seamless social media sharing, smooth video conferences, and much more. Take users by storm with powerful AR, VR, and AI capabilities.


Cloud development

Rely on our digital know-how to build an overarching cloud solution from scratch, smoothly migrate your existing software to the cloud, or integrate your platform with first-tier cloud services like AWS or Azure. Let us ensure unparalleled scalability and flexibility for your cloud platform so that you could respond to market changes in a matter of seconds, not days.

IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing

A reliable outsourcing partner, Oxagile has helped high-profile brands like Google and Vodafone drive their business growth. Whether you want to engage a dedicated development team for your project or ramp up your internal resources with a rare skillset, we’re here to cover your needs.

Web portals

Web portal development

We engineer mission-critical B2B and B2C web portals to sustain your business growth. Bank on our solid expertise to enhance your web portal with powerful search capabilities, video conferencing functionality, smooth knowledge management, advanced reporting, and more — for increased employee and customer loyalty.

QA Consulting

QA Consulting

We offer the full spectrum of QA services and multi-year consulting expertise to help businesses ensure outstanding quality of their software products, effectively tackle existing bottlenecks, and bring down QA costs. Our BI expertise drives real-time insights into overall team performance, software quality, test results, and budget spending.

Work with a top-notch business intelligence services provider

The value of collaboration with Oxagile is in our dedication to translate your goals and aspirations into viable, fully compatible software that can bring a positive change to your business processes. To prove this, we are always ready to jump-start cooperation with a proof of concept that brings together our vision and expertise.