EdTech is going crazy for AI, and for a reason

Say hi to Artificial Intelligence — a trusty sidekick of learning platform providers, educational institutions, or coaching services, who’s always willing to come to assistance whatever support they need. AI is donning different roles within the educational paradigm — it all depends on the occasion where he might be a privilege.

Just look, the AI superhero can instantly turn into:

L&D manager

  • Generating learning agendas
  • Foreseeing the skills and competencies most demanded by businesses
  • Unlocking and realizing the staff’s full potential


  • Picking up effective learning materials, or even framing them on his own
  • Testing knowledge on exams or certifications


  • Pursuing learning / development plans
  • Answering for the quality of educational curriculums
  • Selecting proper methodologies and techniques

AI savior: gets going perfectly when in the right hands

Two heads are better than one — and this applies to the tandem of AI and Oxagile’s company EdTech development team. We know how to make Artificial Intelligence shine in a number of cases, setting his superpowers on the right track.

The magic flow is plain sailing — Oxagile activates a proper AI superhero power, and this is what happens next:

Students gain their unique learning path

AI’s secret weapons: smart content creation and personalized training production

How it goes:

  • Analyzing vast amounts of student data in no time
  • Automating the creation of educational content
  • Devising lessons around certain subjects
  • Suggesting the ways of customizing teaching methods and learning programs
  • Elevating a learning experience through interactive features like quizzes and simulations

grades are given in a flash

AI’s secret weapon: automated grading processing

How the evaluation process works with AI:

  • ML algorithms save teachers tons of time by accurately evaluating tests and essays
  • Human error reduction detected: AI tools improve scoring consistency
  • Personalized feedback is given to both trainers and trainees

Teachers and students are never left alone

AI’s secret weapons: voice assistants and virtual chatbots

24*7 assistance granted through:

  • Automating teachers’ routine tasks
  • AI coaching and consulting services as an extra value for students, in addition to their interactions with educators
  • Uninterrupted learning, at home or while on the go, by means of voice assistants

Five-star learning experience and trainings right on target

AI’s secret weapon: automation of learning analytics

How the union of AI and analytics looks:

  • Automated analytics — to accelerate the pace of data analysis
  • Twofold driver of audience engagement
  • Generator of powerful tips to attain more revenue and spark new trainees’ interest

How else can AI invigorate your eLearning systems?

If you’re anticipating automated scoring or smart content generation mechanisms being embedded in your EdTech solution or tool, we’ll show you the quickest and easiest way to do it with artificial intelligence.

Not by AI alone: What if there are better ways of doing things?

Occasionally, even superheroes are powerless, but it’s by no means a dead end. There are heroes at Oxagile as well, and despite being humans, they often use supernatural forces when it comes to enriching an EdTech product, be it an LMS, eLearning portal, proctoring solution, or mobile app, with powerful features like:

Predictive modeling

Is AI giving a hand here?

Sure. AI-powered predictive modeling allows teachers and educational institutions to provide all trainees with timely guidance, based on previous test results and forecasted performance.

What can we offer for this very goal?

Prescriptive modeling.

Exam monitoring

Is AI of use?

Any suspicious activity of a test taker won’t be ignored thanks to AI-driven programs tracking each examinee and reporting to proctors in case of head movements or audio level changes, to name a few.

What other tech does Oxagile leverage for proctoring?

  • WebRTC stream recording
  • Advanced reporting
  • Clear, intuitive dashboards


Can AI come in handy?

Rather no than yes. Gamification methodology isn’t based solely on AI tools—there are multitudes of other technical ways to implement game elements like badges, leaderboards, levels, and rewards, in K-12 / higher education or business training.

And Oxagile will choose the best fit for your software solution.

Real-case story: How AI is performing good deeds for exam monitoring

As our client couldn’t imagine their top-notch proctoring platform without AI assistance, we made the most of artificial intelligence to organize an effortless, unbiased student monitoring process.

Here are the perks of an AI-powered exam tracking system:

  • ML-driven face recognition
  • Abundance of red flag triggers
  • Timely activity alerts

More hidden powers of AI for eLearning? Here they are!

  • Speech-to-text

    Transcribing a spoken language into text for students with hearing impairments or those having issues listening to the recording

  • Text-to-speech

    Reading the text out loud to:

    • Assist learners with reading difficulties / visual impairments
    • Maximize student engagement through interactive elements
    • Ensure a better quality of intonation than browsers grant

  • Grammar tools

    Using machine learning capabilities, an eLearning system can generate feedback on grammar or spelling mistakes. This functionality is at the core of writing assignments, vocabulary exercises, and scheduled testing.

  • Translation and captioning

    • Translating text and speech into a variety of languages to improve learners’ comprehension of materials
    • Automated generation of captions for video and multimedia content