Edtech and eLearning software development

Industry experts cite cost reduction, universal availability, greater flexibility, and improved information retention among the top reasons why organizations are increasingly preferring eLearning to the conventional teaching methods.

We have been providing custom eLearning services for over a decade and delivered dozens of edtech projects to Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, non‑profits, and startups around the world.

Leverage educational software development to solve your key needs

Harness our many-year software development expertise to build custom eLearning solutions for your niche.

Education sector

We are here to help you enhance student enrollment and increase completion rates in your institution. Build robust education software to improve knowledge retention among students, boost classroom engagement, and revamp productivity.


Looking to boost employee acquisition and retention to notably improve your bottom line? Our enterprise-grade eLearning solutions will help you upgrade employee skills, enhance collaboration, streamline onboarding, and keep your staff motivated.

Non-profit sector

Strict accountability, high employee turnover, punishing deadlines — these are some of the issues that NPOs handle daily. Let us help you enable consistent employees training, boost volunteer engagement, and drive training costs down.

Startups and other for-profits

Partner with our edtech experts to automate your business workflows and bolster staff productivity. An advanced eLearning solution will allow you to expand your clients database and increase revenue.

LMS vendors

We use best practices around frontend and backend development to revamp your learning management system. Rely on our knowledge to improve your LMS usability, security, performance, and interoperability.

Capitalize on our eLearning development services

Don’t know how to fit the pieces together to develop an eLearning solution that is totally up to you? Start by scheduling a call with a leading eLearning development company.

Tap into our full-fledged edtech services

We can step in and help you achieve your goals at any stage of your eLearning project, be it the PoC or a battle-proven legacy system.

R&D and consulting

  • AI-based innovations
  • End-to-end learning path mapping
  • Training efficiency audits
  • Reporting and analytics modules
  • Payment integration
  • Robust data security

Custom eLearning solutions

  • Turnkey learning management systems and digital learning platforms
  • Multi-tenant white-label solutions
  • Tutoring systems for one-on-one online courses
  • Sophisticated user permission systems

System enhancement

  • Legacy system migration and enhancement
  • Mobile optimization
  • Adding powerful components for enrolment, scheduling, questionnaires, and course building
  • Collaboration functionality, including file and media sharing

We offer a full scope of eLearning solutions

eLearning consulting

Professional eLearning consulting

  • Full-fledged eLearning software development services
  • System enhancement and custom components development
  • Innovation enablement
  • Enterprise-grade system integrations
  • Solution modernization and migration
  • Continuous system improvement and end-to-end quality assurance
  • Comprehensive IT support (L1, L2, and L3)

Custom LMS

Tailored learning management systems

  • Powerful real-time communication capabilities
  • AI-fueled course recommendations
  • Computer vision-enabled proctoring
  • Sophisticated BI reporting
  • Smooth integrations with multiple payment gateways

Enterprise learning management

Enterprise learning management software

  • Large-scale streaming of lectures, conferences, webinars, workshops, social events, and meetups
  • Extensive libraries with video-on-demand content
  • Videoconferencing supporting large numbers of simultaneous learners
  • Cutting-edge AR and VR functionality

eLearning portals

Custom eLearning portals

  • RTC-enabled videoconferencing and messaging tools
  • Smooth desktop sharing and co-browsing
  • Second-screen features for improved student engagement
  • Advanced gamification capabilities
  • Support for VR and 360-degree video content
  • Innovative proctoring functionality


Robust mobile learning solutions

  • Mobile corporate training
  • Language learning apps
  • Mobile campus solutions
  • mLearning solutions for kids
  • Special education apps


Innovative online proctoring platforms

  • Comprehensive face recognition for student identity verification
  • In-depth emotion analysis
  • Advanced object detection and recognition
  • Behavioral biometrics for tracking typing and keystroke patterns

Healthcare LMS

Custom healthcare learning management systems

  • Personal messaging and group chats functionality
  • Live and on-demand video content
  • Healthcare LMS optimization for mobile, tablets, and smartwatches
  • Collaborative surgical simulation environments
  • Advanced healthcare business intelligence
  • Compliance with HIPAA, FHIR, ASTM, OSHA, ASCP, AMT, and other regulations

Make your eLearning solutions stand out

To truly deliver value to users, your edtech solution must be able to engage and challenge them. Relying on hands-on experience in eLearning software development and deep expertise in complementary fields, our team can help you enrich your eLearning solution with inventive functionality and transform the entire learning experience.

Bolster learner productivity with a custom eLearning solution

We have the right knowledge and tools to build an enterprise-grade edtech solution that delivers. Don’t hesitate to contact our eLearning software development team to discuss the details.

Professional edtech solution development with a focus on

Usability and ease of use

Superior usability and ease of use

  • Simple navigation along the learning path
  • Seamless learner onboarding
  • Streamlined teacher-student interactions
  • Distraction-free learning environments
  • Mobile-friendly UX and UI design

Reliability and scalability

Reliability and scalability

  • Designing microservice-based, fault-tolerant architectures for enhanced speed and scalability
  • Performing comprehensive load and stress testing
  • Leveraging a coherent multi-CDN approach
  • Leveraging best practices around battery life, RAM, GPU, and data caching optimization
  • Providing the optimal media experience for millions of concurrent learners


All-encompassing flexibility

  • Modular system architecture that facilitates future changes
  • Powerful course authoring capabilities to build customized training programs
  • Overarching course localization and internationalization
  • Adjustable learning paths that reflect the learner’s progress


Seamless integrations

  • Third-party eLearning solutions
  • Company-wide software like ERP, CRM, HRIS, and more
  • Collaboration tools and task managers
  • PCI DSS-compliant online payments


Compliance and accessibility

  • Major eLearning standards, including SCORM, xAPI, and AICC
  • Data security standards for third-party integrations (PCI DSS)
  • Data privacy regulations: GDPR, OWASP, HIPAA, etc.
  • Best practices around WCAG accessibility guidelines


Outstanding quality

  • End-to-end software testing (functional, regression, usability, localization, and more)
  • Test automation (web, mobile, API, or hybrid)
  • Advanced QoS and QoE to ensure top streaming
  • 360-degree QA analytics and reporting for utmost transparency
  • Dedicated quality assurance teams

Cost optimization

Cost optimization

  • Fully-owned custom solutions with no risk of vendor lock-in or costly re-dos
  • Solid IP rights safeguards to protect your investment
  • No accumulating subscription or licensing fees
  • No forced expensive upgrades in the future
  • No bloatware, building only the features your users actually need
  • Technology and market consulting for TCO optimization

  • We exceeded our business targets and opened up a new revenue channel.

    Our vision was to create a coaching analytics system where coaching is married to big data. In under 10 months, Oxagile delivered a fully functional system that is currently adding exponentially greater value to our clients.

    As a result, we exceeded our business targets and opened a new revenue channel that is pushing the limit on what our field can achieve.

    Oxagile’s careful, innovative, tireless, and consistent execution has made them a critical partner to our business and the ongoing success story at AIIR.

    Jonathan Kirschner
    Chief Executive Officer, AIIR Consulting LLC