You’re so awesome in your diversity

It’s astounding that Oxagile’s been interacting with companies like yours for about 18 years already, but we still can’t stop marveling at your versatile content production, aggregation, and distribution skills.

Who’s on the list of market players in search of better content monetization and ever crossing paths with ours, you might want to ask?

  • Video streaming distributors
  • Video streaming channels
  • Broadcasters
  • Audio streamers
  • Web and mobile publishers
  • Commerce and retail media

We’re at your command, and why this can become a perfect match

Harmonious blend of AdTech and video streaming since 2007

Oxagile’s story started with OTT in 2005, and shortly after this, we stepped into AdTech, which inspired the consistent accumulation of experience in both of these domains.

360-degree knowledge and view of the AdTech ecosystem

Staying on either side of the trenches, DSP or SSP, depending on the project we’re involved in, Oxagile is equally well-versed in demand-side and supply-side challenges.

Our multi-screen know-hows for you to conquer the planet

We know how to gently cover dozens of devices with an easily configurable OTT solution, implement sound monetization strategies for each version, and enable cross-device attribution and analytics.

Now we yield the floor to our clients

The reason for that is simple — no one can speak more objectively about us than Oxagile’s customers.

A super professional and highly dedicated team.

Oxagile provides the best quality deliverables even in the most strenuous times. With our aggressive deadlines, the team was always up to the challenge. They work efficiently on all tasks assigned to them.

Trevor J. Sykes
Vice President Engineering
JumpTV Inc.

I look forward to working with them again in the future!

The Oxagile team was essential to the success of Admeld. I’ve always been impressed by their engineering skills as well as their ability to suggest alternatives.

Brian Adams
Group Product Manager

Your concern, our remedy

To judge from the challenges experienced by the publishers we maintain business liaison with, their commitment to fill the gaps and our AdTech expertise seem pretty much like two pieces of a puzzle. Want to be a witness to the magic that happens when we join forces? So here goes!


Solutions and services we offer:

  • Custom ad sales portals and self-service platforms for convergent cross-country ad sales
  • Easy and intuitive flows for booking generation (for both external and internal users)
  • Simplified ad sales management processes, from proposals to billing
  • Artificial intelligence tools to streamline ad operations
  • Implementing detailed reports and drill-down dashboards containing advanced filtering options (across multiple DSPs, campaigns, clients, platforms, channels, time periods, etc.) and being exported in different formats when needed
  • Deploying and setting up role-based assess
  • Smart order management and validation tools to exclude human errors

What can we do for you to stay attractive to advertisers?

  • Designing privacy-centered customer data platforms (CDPs) and analytical systems to generate smart ad sales packages
  • Crafting clear dashboards, so you get meaningful insights around campaigns, media assets, devices, clients, and locations much faster
  • Aiding in the implementation and support of data warehouses and data lakes to efficiently pipe data with customer data platforms (CDPs) or analytical systems
  • Delivering ad ops and sales reporting systems that provide sufficient granularity
  • Paying heed to audience segmentation, user behavior and preferences, and context analysis to modify cross-device and cross-channel attributions

We’ll gladly be your guides to sound ad yield strategies:

  • Benefit from programmatic powers to backfill remnant inventory
  • Implement OpenRTB across multiple websites
  • Add a FAST viewing option to a traditional linear TV service
  • Offer premium inventory using Private Marketplace (PMP), Programmatic Guaranteed (PG), and Programmatic Direct (PD) opportunities
  • Deploy header bidding along with adding pre-bid adapters
  • Introduce a variety of subscription-based models, including AVOD

How to achieve this harmony by following integration scenarios?

  • Linking in-house ad inventory solutions to external systems
  • Widen your presence throughout the ad ecosystem with the help of APIs
  • Connect with a set of software systems and technology services shaping the AdTech landscape, including data platforms, ad quality solutions, data clean rooms, and identity solutions

And there’s more value you can get from us

No need to limit yourself to one point — all are at your disposal.

Programmatic ad development to streamline your ad sales workflows

CTV and addressable TV expertise to create personalized viewing experiences

Big data competencies to get actionable audience analytics and insights

There is something special for you to read

Just in case you don’t mind getting to know more about Oxagile's knowledge and expert vision, we're all set to share our insights that were published a while ago.