How big data development services move your business forward

Wonder how to turn big data challenges into winning strategies?

Oxagile is delighted to become your big data development companion and join forces to meet all project deliverables. Take a glance at how it works when we point our clients to the right big data opportunities.

  • Choosing the right tools

    We’ve managed to overcome scalability hurdles, selecting only those solutions that accelerate performance.”

  • Orchestrating reporting software

    Luckily, there’s no need to be buried under millions of reports any more, as Oxagile’s team showed us the way to stitch them together.”

  • Redoubling big data expertise

    After starting our collaboration with this big data development company and their data pipeline specialists, we resolved all data aggregation and storage issues.”

  • Migrating data smoothly

    Processing 10 billion records per day is not the limit for our product. Data volumes are growing exponentially, while data quality and security are kept high. Thanks to the transition to a unified solution, we forgot about all scalability restrictions at once.”

We provide three big data offerings to pave your project road to success

Offering 1: Reshaping industries with big data powers

While any technology challenge is unlikely to become an issue for our data specialists, yet another value-added benefit from Oxagile can be our domain knowledge we’re glad to share.

Video streaming providers can be in a magician’s shoes, while predicting the desires of their subscribers with the analytics of viewer interests used as a magic wand.
AdTech representatives are offered comprehensive ad campaign analytics and efficient ad impression forecasting, along with intuitive dashboards where all metrics are carefully sorted out.
As for eLearning, tracking student engagement and examining their behavior throughout the training process allows educational content providers to appear on top of “The Most Demanded Course” list.
And there’s more magic we work, crossing big data tools with our industry expertise.

Latest request

You’re asking

Hey, an OTT platform owner is on air. I’m looking for new monetization options. Are there any proven big data-driven methods to effectively monetize videos and enter new regions?

We’re responding

Viral videos are a sure-fire way of monetization. All you need is an online video monitoring solution to support historical and real-time statistics. The latter will keep you updated about any super trendy video.
User behavior and distribution analyses are keys to amaze users with the recommendations accurately hitting the targets and lift your own spirits by the impressive CTR boost.

Offering 2: big data development services right on target

Whether you’re planning to replace expensive third-party system components with an in-house analytics solution, doubt about the best GUI option for data visualization, or wonder how to smoothly move data from on-premise to cloud, let’s talk about the big data development services to deal with a matter.

Data engineering

  • Building scalable and secure ETL/ELT data pipelines
  • Auditing and optimizing pipelines for downstream analysis
  • Deploying data warehouses and data lakes

Data analysis and visualization

  • Building custom reporting dashboards
  • Implementing BI tools
  • Optimizing BI systems
  • Providing advanced ML analytics

Data and pipeline migration

  • Migrating data from legacy systems
  • Moving the existing data infrastructure to the cloud
  • Integrating systems across on-premise and cloud

Latest request

You’re asking

It seems that our third-party analytics solutions we’ve been heavily relying on are terribly hitting our pockets right now. And this despite the fact that we’re facing issues with their flexibility.
With more clients arriving to stay with us and higher volumes of data coming for processing, we’re looking for the ways to go on bringing value to our customers without a fatal blow to our budget. Could you help us on the way to an in-house analytics platform?
Last but not least: data visualization from scratch matters as well. Could we also have a talk on custom reporting options? We’re banking on the Looker functionality here. Any experience with it?

We’re responding

An in-house analytics platform instead of rigid third-party tools will definitely let you get the best of two worlds. After we create the ETL pipeline and provide the data migration from legacy systems, you’ll forget about the expensive software components once and forever, while achieving the scalability of the solution.
For visualization, Looker’s functionality might work perfectly well so that end users enjoy intuitive dashboards and engaging reporting. Our BI engineers will gladly turn data into insightful charts.

Offering 3: project and product milestones successful

No matter which project development stage blocks your way — we’re ready to get involved. Same for products — if you doubt how to empower them with big data capabilities or need a reliable big data service provider, we’ll show you the ways to do it.

Custom big data projects: which stages we cover

  • Big data solution design
  • Streaming and batch data ingestion, processing, and storing
  • Traditional and advanced big data analytics
  • Data visualization
  • Data and pipeline migration (either cloud or on-premise)

Custom big data products: how we contribute to growth

  • Providing big data product development as a service
  • Launching and managing post-sales activities
  • Designing data models for new product features
  • Building data pipelines to power new product features

Doubling the power of your in-house team: who’s in?

  • Сertified data engineers, BI engineers, DevOps and DataOps specialists, ML specialists, QA experts, solution architects, project managers, etc.
  • R&D specialists with a strong focus on big data as a strategic line of development
  • Advertising, retail, e-commerce, telecom, media, software industry experts

Latest request

You’re asking

I’ve never known that a killer feature can turn into a business bottleneck. Let me share the drama. “Evolution of reporting”, that’s how one of our clients called our platform.
Can’t agree more: we intentionally put extra efforts into report customization to give the users of our reporting platform exactly what they expect from the insights representation. And we made the right call: no issues with retention at all. But maintenance is stealing nights and days. We’re spending hours answering client questions, which makes us postpone new implementation projects. Do you have experts to assist?

We’re responding

There’s no need to pause new implementations, as we’re ready to effectively distribute your reporting platform to those who are interested.
Concurrently, why not look at the direction of utmost reporting flexibility, without compromising their custom nature? Our team will be delighted to suggest some transformation options and add more automation. You’re having all chances to confirm your title of evolutionary reports provider and win more time for fruitful interactions with potential clients.

Wonder which offer type is right for you?

You don’t need to make guesses about the optimal choice — we’ll gladly shed light on which of the offerings is going to be the best thing for your business.

Big data development: Tools and tech we use to handle your requests

Big data ecosystems

Apache Hadoop • Apache Spark

Cloud platforms and tools

AWS • Google Cloud Platform • Cloudera • Snowflake Data Cloud

Data visualization tools

Tableau • Qlik • Looker • Microsoft Power BI

Programming skills

Python • Java • Scala