Expanding care with video doctor visits, telenursing, telepsychiatry, tele-PT, and more.


Ensuring learning continuity via virtual classrooms, webinars, shared whiteboards, and AR.

Professional services

Enabling remote coaching and consulting at scale — during COVID-19 and beyond.

Bank on remote communication

We build feature-rich, cost-effective, and massively scalable communication and streaming solutions

End-to-end latency engineering

  • Expert business case and requirements analysis
  • Consulting around the optimal protocols and standards
  • Latency-driven architecture design
  • Encoding and decoding optimization
  • Streamlining startup time and buffer size
  • CDN strategy implementation (multi-CDN setups, CDN augmentation, and more)

Massive multi-party conferencing

  • Highly available architectures to support geographically distributed audiences
  • Proactive ramp-up based on performance metrics
  • Virtually infinite number of concurrent connections
  • Performance testing to guarantee reliable communication even on 3G
  • Load testing to address large numbers of concurrent users and traffic spikes

Unparalleled QoS and QoE

  • Simulcasting and adaptive bitrate streaming (ABR) to optimize quality
  • Scalable video coding (SVC) for layered streams
  • Real-time transcoding with VP8, H.264, VP9, H.265/HEVC, or AV1
  • Forward error correction (FEC) to proactively recover lost media packets
  • Real-time monitoring of jitter, bandwidth, round trip time, observed latency, and other QoS metrics

Expert RTC consulting services

Draw on our multi-year domain expertise to get professional advice around a multitude of RTC challenges. Whether you need consultation on a scalable architecture design, latency optimization for time-critical delivery, on-prem or cloud deployment and more, we’ve got you covered.

What we do

  • Business case and requirements analysis
  • Protocols and standards consulting
  • Infrastructure assessment
  • Performance optimization consulting
  • TCO analysis for different deployment options
  • Testing and quality assurance consulting

What you get

  • Solution vision
  • Software requirements document
  • High-level architecture design
  • Ballpark TCO estimations
  • Detailed test plan
  • End-to-end QA strategy

Custom RTC solution engineering

Tap into our technical know-hows and solid video expertise to take your real-time communication solution to the next level.

IoT development

Media post-processing

  • Audio and video editing
  • CV-driven face recognition and object tracking
  • Automated suspicious activity identification
  • Real-time captioning and simultaneous translation
  • ML-driven highlights generation
  • Granular metadata enrichment

Frictionless integrations

  • Integration with key enterprise systems including CRM, ERP, and more
  • Enhancing LMS, corporate learning systems, and eLearning portals with real-time communication capabilities
  • Integration with EHRs, EMRs, PHMs, and telehealth solutions
  • Incorporation of data-driven analytics and BI capabilities

Ready-to-go RTC framework

Get your RTC solution off the ground, fast

Leverage our ready-to-go RTC framework to capitalize on highly scalable video conferencing. Deployable within a week, our solution comes with an easy-to-use, fully documented API to enable enterprise-grade conferencing out of the box.

End-to-end quality assurance

QA consulting

QA consulting

  • Identifying quality goals and project risks
  • Developing a cost-driven QA roadmap
  • Elaborating a test plan with testing activities, resources, and timeline
  • Identifying project success metrics
Comprehensive testing

Comprehensive testing

  • Unit and integration testing
  • UI and usability testing
  • Streaming protocols testing
  • Monitoring latency, bitrate, frame rate, and resolution
  • Load testing by emulating massive video traffic
  • CDN and multi-CDN testing
  • Security testing including penetration testing and vulnerability assessment
Test automation framework

Custom test automation framework

  • Custom modules for web, mobile, API, smart TVs, and STBs
  • Seamless integration with your infrastructure
  • Parallelism and concurrency to accelerate testing and cut costs
  • Advanced reporting and 100% test results visibility

Domains we serve

  • Oxagile has proven to be very efficient and professional with supreme attention to detail. Their technical knowledge and WebRTC app development expertise have been excellent and they manage their time well.

    The work Oxagile has completed for us has been very high quality and we have depended on them for many internal projects that were critical to our service.

    Richard Blakely
    CEO, XirSys

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