Wherever you go, data engineering is key

About 50% of a big data analytics project’s success lies in data engineering. Our data specialists build efficient and scalable data pipelines, making data ready for further analysis and reporting, and provide data engineering consulting services upon request.

Three pillars of data engineering

Data collection

Experts in all things data, we’ll help you collect structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data from a variety of sources — both internal and external. Our data engineers will easily handle quantitative and qualitative data of any scalability and complexity and prepare it for further processing.

Data ingestion

We have the right knowledge and skills to adapt the collected data into the required formats and structures, build, optimize, and audit scalable ETL/ELT data pipelines, as well as deploy data warehouses and data lakes — for more secure and smooth data storage and analysis.

Data preparation

Leverage our expertise around data acquisition, cleansing, conversion, disambiguation, deduplication, and labeling to make your data easy to consume and process for machine learning algorithms. We fully prepare data for in-depth analysis, advanced visualization, and custom reporting.

Key challenges we solve through data engineering


We bank on best performance engineering practices, vertical and horizontal scaling, as well as cloud elasticity and serverless to ensure a great speed for data processing — even when the volume of data increases tenfold.

Data consolidation

We know how to aggregate and prioritize data sources as well as build data pipeline schedules. Among our data engineering services is also scenarios configuration — all to enable high-quality analytics in terms of integrity, accuracy, and variety.

Data quality

Our data engineers ensure the outstanding quality of data, regarding accuracy, consistency, validity, uniqueness, and completeness. The optimal choice of data quality tools, real-time data monitoring — we offer this and more.

Our data engineering service offering

Pipelines architecting and orchestration

If you need to build an enterprise-grade analytics solution from scratch, we’re here to assist. Our data engineering experts know how to build secure, highly scalable pipelines that will perfectly feed your BI reports and dashboards.

  • Data collection from enterprise-grade software, databases, search engines, social media, and other sources
  • Batch and stream data processing — working with formats like text, audio and video files, images, log events,  XML, etc.
  • Data transformation: filtering, grouping, mapping, deduplication, and depersonalization

Data pipeline optimization

Leverage our data engineering competence to notably improve your data reports quality by optimizing your data processing workflows.

  • Auditing existing pipelines
  • Adding new data sources and creating new pipelines to respond to new analytics needs
  • Debugging, error elimination, and pipelines support

Data pipeline migration

We’ll help you update your legacy tools and data processes to optimize the total cost of ownership and overcome scalability issues.

  • Lift-and-shift approach: existing business logic is implemented via new tools
  • Migration with enhancement: a newly designed business logic, development of new analytics features
  • Tool selection consulting services

Data tools and techs we use

Cloud platforms:

AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Snowflake

Big data ecosystems and tools:

Spark, Hadoop, HDFS, Hive


Spark streaming, Kafka




SQL, Python, Scala, Java


Terraform, Airflow, Git, CI/CD, Linux

Team up with our data engineers

Our experts are here to solve data challenges of any complexity.

We address specific data
needs of

Data product startups and software vendors

  • Empowering existing software with sophisticated data-fueled features to outperform competitors
  • Augmenting data teams to ensure faster time to market as well as save time and money on staff recruitment and onboarding
  • Enhancing post-sales activities: integrating your data engineering solutions into your client’s infrastructure, saving you time and money on further in-house product enhancement
  • Fully covering data engineering stages of big data projects

M&E, adtech, retail, and edtech companies

  • Developing data analytics solutions from scratch: content/product performance analysis, customer behavior analytics, media performance analytics, and more
  • Auditing existing data analytics solutions to indicate bugs, errors, and issues that affect reports and dashboards quality
  • Helping with legacy data tools migration to resolve scalability issues and optimize TCO