Full-fledged business intelligence consulting services

Since our inception in 2005, we’ve delivered full-cycle BI consulting services, helping companies seal data gaps, glean unprecedented insights into operations, and facilitate mission-critical data-driven workflows.

Enhance business performance analysis

  • Allocating an expert team for on-site audits
  • Defining areas of investigation around business performance
  • In-depth business case analysis
  • Inter-department efficiency analysis
  • Business requirements management

Accelerate decision-making

  • Advanced stakeholder management
  • Consulting on the optimal reporting model
  • Creating a coherent data access management structure
  • Developing a skills matrix to identify training needs
  • TCO optimization consulting

Minimize risks

  • Effective cost optimization
  • Comprehensive risk tackling strategies
  • Expert corrective action and contingency planning
  • Company-wide risk management policies
  • Ensuring business continuity

Leverage our BI consulting services

Whether you’ve just started planning your BI project or you’re halfway through it, we’ve got you covered.

Custom BI software development

Unwrap our multi-year experience in software development to build an enterprise-grade BI solution. Crunch evolving data volumes from a wide range of sources, cut out all the noise, and pull meaningful business performance insights.

Smooth BI solution integration

Capitalize on our advanced data integration skills to seamlessly connect your enterprise solutions with any third-party business intelligence system. Bring all mission-critical data into a single silo and access it at any time to accelerate decision-making and increase overall productivity.

BI software solution enhancement

Whether your BI system needs functionality extension, more flexibility, or increased performance, we’ve got your back. Leverage our expertise around API development, nondisruptive re-architecturing, and performance engineering to invigorate your solution.

Connect with us

Our experienced BI experts know how to crunch evolving volumes of data and pull meaningful insights from it. Drop us a line, and we’ll schedule a free consultation to discuss your BI needs.

How we work

We support companies of all sizes and from various industries at every step of their BI journey.

Expert business case analysis

  • On-site audits
  • IT infrastructure analysis
  • Proactive business needs identification
  • Business-IT alignment
  • Extensive reports on the work done

BI strategy roadmaps

  • Long-term BI strategy and vision
  • Key stakeholders identification and prioritization
  • Detailed customer and employee roadmaps
  • Comprehensive feasibility studies
  • Structured knowledge management

BI architecture blueprinting

  • Non-functional requirements analysis
  • Advising on the optimal architecture type
  • Performance engineering for increased scalability and speed
  • Software architecture enhancement and redesign
  • Choosing the right technology stack

Implementation planning

  • Running the project in an agile, value-driven way
  • Advising on the optimal development team structure and skill sets
  • Setting up the expected levels of services and documentation
  • Developing an advanced risk management approach
  • Aligning with existing processes and systems

Hire a leading BI consulting company

Expert professionals

Our business intelligence consulting experts have the right skills and tools to perform an in-depth business case analysis, surface major challenges, and find the optimal ways to tackle them, helping you increase productivity and enhance decision-making.

Next-gen AI capabilities

We apply comprehensive OLAP models and innovative ML know-hows to analyze historical and real-time data from a variety of disparate sources — to provide you with actionable insights across the enterprise, from KPIs to customer intelligence to financial analytics.

Sound development process

We’re a team of agile-minded specialists who heavily favor scrum to build BI solutions. Such an iterative risk-free approach gives more flexibility and predictability, allowing us to build products faster without sacrificing quality.