Big data integration services

From better customer service to enhanced efficiency to faster time to value, big data holds great promise for businesses across industries and domains. But delivering on that promise requires an ability to effectively integrate dispersed data silos into a single source of truth to fuel decision-making and support analytics efforts.

And that’s exactly what we can do for you.

Solving your big data integration challenges

Improving performance

The gargantuan volume of big data puts stress on data pipelines, causing bottlenecks and compromising data timeliness. To decrease latency and ensure data accessibility for analysis, we build lightweight, high-performance ETL and ELT systems with batch and stream processing to accelerate time to value and support the modern pace of business.

Boosting scalability

To accommodate the explosive growth of datasets, our software engineers draw on their multi-year experience in designing scalable big data architectures. Underpinned by industry-leading frameworks, your big data integration platform will effectively process large workloads. We leverage cloud computing technologies to provide elastic, scalable, and fault tolerant environment for your integrated data. Also, among our services is legacy data and pipeline migration to new high-performance platforms.

Synchronizing data sources

With data extraction, migration, and transformation causing desynchronization, it’s imperative for businesses to maintain data consistency across all sources. We help you keep your data in sync through carefully scheduled updates and continuous monitoring.

Handling data variety

Originating from disparate sources, data flows in various formats, structure, and size. We help business users tame this diversity and automatically ingest data from CRM, ERP, customer MDM solutions, marketing, sales, accounting, and more. To enable never-before-possible insights, we further integrate data from web, social media, data storage, smart sensors and connected IoT devices for the most complete picture.

Ensuring security and privacy

To safeguard your data assets, we help you take full advantage of data governance best practices to prescribe roles and responsibilities for data access, storage, management, and use. In addition to sensitive data de-identification, our engineers implement advanced encryption and role management so that you can deliver highly secure and trusted data across all applications.

Big data integration steps

Data integration strategy

Our big data consultants will start with assessing your data needs and identifying all relevant data sources. We also help you set up robust data governance rules and procedures and elaborate requirements on data synchronization, including data formats and frequency of updates.

Data ingestion

We enable enterprises to effectively connect with various data sources, including on-premise, cloud, and IoT, — no limits on data types and volume. Depending on the data type — batch or streaming — and response time, accuracy, and consistency requirements, we’ll select the proper tools for efficient data ingestion.

Data transformation

To effectively process high volume of raw data, we build ETL and ELT pipelines that streamline data cleansing and aggregation for further analysis. Our big data engineers transform data into standardized formats to be stored in target repositories like data warehouses, data lakes, or data lakehouses. We’ll schedule data pipelines and set up pipeline monitoring.

Other big data services we offer

Data storing

To support your analytics initiatives, we help integrate your data into a warehouse, data lake, or data lakehouse so you can handle massive amounts of unstructured and semi-structured data. Our big data experts will assist with performance tuning to ensure lightning-fast processing of complex analytic queries.

BI and ML analytics

By enabling a consolidated data view across your enterprise, we empower your stakeholders with a single source of truth to support decision making. Let us help you integrate third-party business intelligence tools or a custom AI-powered analytics solution to discover deep data insights you never thought existed.

Data migration

Whether you need to transfer your legacy data to the cloud or switch to a new storage technology, our big data professionals will make the migration process painless and secure, with no interruption to your business. With proven automated QA practices in place, we make sure your critical data has migrated correctly.