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Java Project Examples

A WebRTC-Based Mobile Emergency Help Solution for Senior Citizens

A mobile emergency help platform that quickly connects the elderly with professional assistance when they need it.

The solution allows users to make hassle-free 24/7 video calls to their caregivers or a call center, while providing a real-time location tracking feature for ultimate peace of mind.

Advanced Ticketing System for a Leading Provider of Public Transport IT Solutions

All-encompassing optimization and reengineering of a feature-rich ticketing system that handles up to 40,000 transactions per day.

The solution provides a smooth, on-the-go ticket purchasing experience for passengers and helps transport companies streamline their operations.

Highly Scalable Videoconferencing Platform for Education and Business

A WebRTC-based videoconferencing system with support for a virtually infinite number of simultaneous users.

The solution provides rich communication capabilities for online events and corporate training and enables real-time interpreting into multiple languages.

Big Data-Based Online Video Monitoring System

A QoS/QoE monitoring system designed to help manage, develop, and monetize online video platforms with millions of users.

The system employs big data technology to collect and process vast volumes of statistics for online TV channels, programming, and target audience distribution.

Mobile and Connected TV Apps for a Spirituality OTT Platform

A set of apps for a media company that develops a popular OTT platform dedicated to yoga and spirituality practices.

Registered members can access the full functionality of the platform on any device and stay up to date with their favorite programs wherever they are.