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Java Project Examples

Live Streaming and VoD Platform for a Leading Motorsport Media Group

A next-generation OTT platform for passionate motor racing fans, car enthusiasts, and general automotive consumers alike.

The experience is optimized for fast browsing of an expansive library with news, documentaries, racing content, video archives, and event coverage from around the globe.

Groundbreaking Live Basketball Action Stats Solution

A mobile solution leveraging computer vision and statistical analysis to give coaches, scouts, and fans the ability to track live action basketball stats.

When watching a game through a mobile camera, a user can simply tap any player to instantly view a wealth of player-related information.

Innovative Machine Learning-Supported Proctoring Platform

A top-grade proctoring platform designed to provide educational institutions with a dependable way of conducting hundreds of simultaneous remote exams.

The system relies on a customized version of the OpenCV library to ensure seamless student identity verification as well as effective exam monitoring.

Comprehensive Citation Search Solution

A powerful citation and reference search solution that lets libraries and universities comfortably manage and operate large bibliographic databases.

The solution comes with several authentication types, flexible faceted filtering, and multi-format MLA-style citation export capabilities.

Video Chat Platform for Web and Mobile

A WebRTC-based video chat optimized for eCommerce use.

The solution seamlessly plugs into any website, allowing shoppers to get expert advice via live video conferencing.

Business owners can analyze consumer behavior and use the provided insights to boost client engagement and sales.