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Java Project Examples

Comprehensive Citation Search Solution

A state-of-the-art citation and reference search solution that works with a multi-gigabyte database of digitized bibliographies.

The system is designed to help libraries and universities easily access current data on published articles, periodicals and books.

A State-of-the-art Video Chat Platform for Web and Mobile

A WebRTC-based web and mobile video chat platform designed to boost client engagement and sales on eCommerce websites. The platform integrates into any site by means of a special call button, making instant face-to-face communication just a click away. On the backend, the system offers intuitive user and account management, as well as secure payment integration. In addition, the software...

Financial Data Verification and Collaboration Solution

A well-known U.S.-based public health research and consulting firm needed to migrate its legacy financial system to a modern technology stack. The legacy application was written approximately two decades earlier and was falling short in terms of performance, reliability, and extensibility. The developed product is an easy-to-use financial data verification solution that functions as a bridge...

A Highly Customizable Skill Tracking Solution for Gym Facilities

A white label solution that greatly simplifies gym management.

Gym owners can track attendance and easily manage family, staff, skillset, and workout schedule data. The students’ results are tracked and shared with their parents, who can print out certificates of achievement or share this info via a direct link.

Advanced Continuing Professional Education Platform

A complete CPE LMS platform that manages all aspects of the e-Learning process.

Registrants can enroll in courses, access a variety of materials (including multimedia), get credits, pass exams, and get officially certified. Instructors can create and publish content, monitor students’ participation, and assess their performance via tests and exams.