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Marketing Technology Project Examples

Powerful MarTech Platform for the Dental Industry

An all-in-one software suite that enables dentists to manage, market, and grow their business online.

The solution integrates with popular dental PMSs and uses clinical records to optimize and automate the practice’s marketing strategy.

Turnkey SaaS-Based Practice Management Solution for Plastic Surgery Clinics

A practice management and patient engagement platform that helps digitize the daily operations of plastic surgery clinics.

Available on all devices, the solution bridges existing care gaps and increases efficiency across the entire practice.

Brand Reputation Monitoring and Management Platform

A time-saving solution that allows entrepreneurs and marketers to monitor and manage their online business presence from a single dashboard.

Rich functionality and integrations with popular listings, review sites, and social networks make it easy to maintain a unified and compelling online image for any number of business locations.

Market Research Video Survey Platform

An innovative video solution for market research that allows designers, advertisers, and corporate strategists gain authentic consumer feedback in a hassle-free way.

The resulting insights are crucial for effective marketing campaign elaboration and testing out new concepts before they make it production.

Innovative Demand-Side Platform for Digital Marketing

The project involved significant re-architecturing and ongoing enhancement of a powerful DSP within the digital advertising space.

The platform is designed to help advertisers maximize ROIs via laser-targeted, highly customizable digital campaigns that rely on complex business logic to deliver the best response.