Augmented and virtual reality software development

An award-winning AR and VR software development company, Oxagile is helping businesses push the limits of reality to stay ahead of the competition while delivering more value to customers. From mobile AR apps to full-fledged VR solutions to 3D data visualization platforms, we are perfectly equipped to help you boost operational efficiency and drive user engagement.

Custom AR applications

Augment users’ reality with eye-popping 3D objects, animation, images, and video. Leverage our top-notch AR software development services to build marker and location-based AR applications that deliver thrilling augmented experiences — from virtual try-ons to navigation support to interior design and modelling.

Tailored VR software

Go virtual with our world-class VR software development services. Whether you are building a simulation-based training software, a three-dimensional virtual tourism solution, or an immersive VR game, our virtual reality talent is here to help you revolutionize the user experience.

Bespoke mixed reality solutions

Bring the best of two worlds to unlock new efficiencies and boost productivity. MR allows users to interact with intelligent digital content added to their real world. Think enhanced collaboration through real-time virtual workspace sharing, improved productivity with smart visual guidance, and safer industrial and medical training.

3D data visualization

Empower your users with the right data whenever they need it — all in a highly usable and visually appealing format. Underpinned by AI, our virtual data visualization solutions churn through vast amounts of data to support your decisions with 3D graphs, charts, and diagrams.

360-degree streaming

Put viewers at the center of action with live 360° streaming. Let users experience the thrill and rush compared to actually being at a concert, sports game, conference, or any live event.

Hardware integration

To ensure full-fledged virtual experiences, we enable your solution to communicate with controllers, cameras, sensors, position trackers and other connected devices.

Multi-platform compatibility

Tap into our multi-platform software development expertise to deliver immersive digital experiences on any device. We cover smartphones, tablets, digital eyewear, head-mounted displays (HDM), head-up displays (HDU), and IoT-enabled devices.

Industries we serve

Media and entertainment

Media and entertainment

  • 360-degree live streaming of shows, concerts, and sports events
  • Fully immersive VR movie theaters
  • Virtual museums, gallery tours, and interactive exhibitions
  • Location-based entertainment VR centers
  • Mixed reality amusement parks
  • Single player and multiplayer VR and AR video games



  • Virtual reality medical training solutions
  • VR-assisted robotic surgery simulation
  • VR and AR therapy and rehabilitation centers
  • 3D visualization for preoperative planning and intraoperative navigation
  • Simulated environments for phobia treatment and pain management

Retail and eCommerce

Retail and eCommerce

  • Interactive online virtual stores
  • HD-quality 360° retail outlet tours
  • In-store navigation and shopping support
  • Virtual try-ons and customization
  • Augmented 3D product catalogues and booklets
  • Additional product details and personalized recommendations

Real estate and design

Real estate and design

  • Virtual walk-throughs around unbuilt spaces
  • Professional 3D architectural rendering
  • Immersive virtual touring from anywhere in the world
  • 3D modelling and interior decorating
  • Real-time design customization

Banking and finance

Banking and finance

  • 3D data visualization for trading and wealth management
  • AR-supported navigation to the nearest branches and ATMs
  • Virtual branches and advisors
  • Virtual environment to drive financial education
  • AR banking for improved customer experience
  • In-VR gesture-driven payments

Digital marketing

Digital marketing

  • Virtual and augmented reality ads
  • AR billboards and campaigns
  • 360° promotional videos
  • AR apps for virtual try-ons
  • Immersive virtual tours to explore the destination before booking
  • Holographic projections and interactive 3D models
  • AR menus with 3D meal presentation



  • Shared virtual environment for collaborative design
  • Virtual mockups and prototypes
  • Car maintenance AR apps
  • Virtual reality showrooms
  • VR 360° test drives

Leverage our cross-domain knowledge to solve any challenges

Take advantage of our VR and AR software development services to create winning experiences for your customers and increase your revenue stream.

Online video expertise

With over a decade of video experience under our belt, we know everything there is to know about video — from ingestion and transcoding to playout to distribution. This level of excellence allows us to create next-gen AR and VR video experiences, whether you need live 360° video streaming or a fully immersive VR movie platform.

IoT integration

For context-aware AR/VR applications, we help you seamlessly integrate sensors, cameras, controllers, and IoT gadgets into a holistic software-driven ecosystem. Take a step further and visualize data streaming from connected devices and smart appliances to deliver visual assistance and hands-on guidance for enhanced productivity and reduced human error.

Computer vision

From multi-object detection to image segmentation to face and gestures recognition, our CV expertise lends itself perfectly to your augmented or virtual reality software development project. Build highly realistic AR and VR experiences with advanced Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM) algorithms — even in highly dynamic environments.

Let’s push the boundaries together

Tap into our augmented and virtual reality software development services to propel your business past the competition. Contact us today to get a free quote for your AR/VR project.