Leverage our IoT development and consulting services

Accelerate your digital transformation

We deliver robust, secure IoT solutions that comply with all major industry standards. Years of close collaboration with hardware vendors helped us to hone our engineering skills and deeply understand industry-specific issues. Let our IoT experts step into your hardware development process and start bringing immediate value.

Take advantage of data-driven IoT processes

Retrieve data from your devices

Our IoT team is in the loop about all types of communication and network protocols, hardware interfaces, and sensors.

We design smart solutions for end-point devices and gateways to collect data from any source — from connected industrial machinery to wearables. The data is then normalized and securely stored in the cloud or pushed directly to the final receiver.

Process IoT data in the cloud

Tap into our cloud computing expertise to quickly transfer huge volumes of structured data to devices and apps, or store it in the cloud for seamless on-demand access.

Our highly scalable cloud applications aggregate sensor readings from your devices and process it in batches or in real time. We architect tailored IoT ecosystems to enable efficient H2M and M2M communications, allowing nodes to interact in a direct, cost-effective, and secure way.

Monitor your IoT ecosystem and analyze big data

We build functional yet easy-to-use admin panels and cloud dashboards to give you full control over your IoT ecosystem, data flows, and infrastructure health. Leverage our IoT apps to empower users to access and utilize actionable IoT insights via web or any mobile device.

Powered with custom machine learning and business intelligence algorithms, our monitoring tools analyze sensor-generated big data, visualize trends, and improve decision-making.

Tap into full-cycle IoT development to drive business growth

Engage our IoT consulting experts from day one to scrutinize your requirements, craft a detailed hardware-software integration plan, and make sure the software seamlessly supports hardware functionality.

Our T-shaped IoT team brings value on each stage of the hardware development process — from PoC design to mass production.

  • Technical requirements analysis
  • Functional and schematic design
  • PoC design and prototyping
  • PCB design, routing, and verification
  • Hardware manufacturing and board bring-up
  • Firmware design and development
  • Comprehensive QA and testing
  • Mass production preparation and QC
  • End-user app ecosystem development

Leave the challenge of IoT app development to our mature teams

Partner up with experienced IoT specialists who possess a solid grasp of rapid IoT prototyping techniques and a production-oriented mindset. Entrust your project to a team with a unique blend of firmware, hardware, and software knowledge.

crew of firmware and hardware engineers

years of experience per person on average

seasoned data scientists and cloud architects

web and mobile app developers

top-grade UX professionals

expert QA engineers

Our IoT teams prioritize

Early value delivery

Leverage secure, power-optimized IoT prototyping kits to drive tangible business value as early as possible. From microcontroller-based boards to single-board computers, we use cutting edge tools to accelerate the prototyping and development of your IoT solutions.

Reliable connectivity

We empower your business with next-gen always-on connectivity to stay ahead of the curve. Depending on the required bandwidth, range, power, cost, and reliability, we help you choose the right networking protocol and enable seamless H2M and M2M communication.

Robust scalability

Our engineers draw on their extensive experience to design highly scalable IoT architectures that support millions of connected devices. We bank on advanced cloud computing techniques to effectively process massive data flows and enable real-time IoT insights.

Industry-grade security

With the rapidly expanding IoT attack surface, we make security our top priority. From anti-cloning capabilities to secure OTA updates to sensitive user data protection, our specialists capitalize on industry’s best practices and tools to protect your business and your services.

Excellent usability

We engage top-notch mobile developers and UX designers to create intuitive, user-friendly IoT applications that bring value to your customers. With our solid cross-platform development expertise, we help you deliver connected experiences on any device.

Outstanding quality

Leverage our comprehensive QA approach to ensure quality and eliminate risks. From simulation to manual to automated regression testing to quality control — we help you release with confidence and dramatically reduce time-to-market.

How we can help

We have the skills and knowledge to fully grasp the most complicated technical details of your project, fit into your development process at any stage, and create a powerful IoT software for your connected devices.

Take IoT development to the next level

IoT-driven logistics

End-to-end IoT logistics solutions

  • Сonnected warehousing
  • Smart cargo and vehicle monitoring
  • Advanced driver behavior analysis
  • Real-time video telematics
  • UAV-enabled parcel delivery
  • Drone-powered route mapping

Industry 4.0 and agriculture

Driving industrial and agricultural IoT

Healthcare IoT

Enabling connected care

  • Precise asset tracking and reporting
  • Tailored treatment based on real-time feedback
  • RFID- and biometrics-based drug access control
  • AI- and CV-powered diagnostics
  • Smart sensor-driven rehabilitation solutions
  • Highly interoperable solutions based on BioAPI

Connected living

Streamlining connected living

  • Intelligent home appliances
  • Voice-controlled assistants
  • Smart remote controls
  • Smart traffic systems
  • Intelligent lighting solutions
  • Smart waste management

Next-gen user gadgets

Refining user experience of your smart devices

  • Smart wearables
  • Smart home appliances
  • Drones and robots
  • AR and VR head-mounted displays
  • Smart speakers
  • Smart apparel

IoT in sports

Pushing the envelope of IoT in sports

  • Intelligent fitness trackers
  • Sensors for overarching sports data collection
  • Wearable devices for personal health monitoring
  • Immersive athlete training
  • Smart clothing — smart shoes, insoles, jackets, and more — for enhanced training and rehabilitation

IoT-fueled marketing

Revamping your digital marketing workflows

  • Interactive posters and print ads
  • Smart packaging and IoT-based labels
  • NFC stickers and digital signages
  • Beacon-based geofencing solutions
  • Intelligent warehouse management
  • IoT-enabled customer behavior monitoring

Connected cars

IoT ecosystems for connected cars

  • Multimedia and infotainment solutions
  • HMI systems
  • Onboard sensors
  • In-vehicle commerce
  • Telematics devices
  • Intelligent route planning
  • Driving and parking assistance
  • Secure wireless connectivity

Create tangible business value across the enterprise

Seamless industrial-grade connectivity

  • Industry-standard networking protocols including Bluetooth, Zigbee, WiFi, LoRaWAN, MQTT, etc.
  • Fail-safe wireless mesh networks for extended connectivity
  • Cost-effective passive RFID tags
  • Ultra wideband (UWB) technology for highly accurate indoor positioning

Resilient cloud-native IoT infrastructures

  • Combination of private, public, and hybrid clouds for greater flexibility and reliability
  • On-demand access to storage space and computational power
  • Microservices-driven architectures to support scalability and increase agility
  • Seamless integration with MLaaS providers for cloud computing

Robust protection across ecosystem

  • Anti-cloning and anti-counterfeiting with hardware authentication chips
  • Over-the-air firmware updates
  • In-cloud multi-layered security
  • Advanced encryption of data at rest and in transit
  • Fine-grained user roles and permissions
  • Multi-factor authentication

Holistic approach to user experience

  • Capabilities-driven industrial design
  • Visual design informed by real-world context
  • Pixel-perfect UIs across all platforms
  • Novel user interactions including voice, haptics, and gesture control
  • Meticulous usability testing

End-to-end quality assurance services

  • Simulation tools to enable early testing
  • Hardware design validation and prototype testing
  • Modular, ready-to-go AQA framework to release faster and eliminate regressions
  • Continuous security testing
  • Hardware-software compatibility testing
  • Usability and connectivity testing
  • Product quality control

Draw on our IoT consulting expertise

Get professional assistance from top-notch IoT consulting experts. We are here to analyze your software needs and existing infrastructure to create an effective roadmap for kicking off your IoT application development endeavor.

We bring our cross-domain expertise to the table

Solid computer vision expertise

  • Highly accurate face and object recognition
  • Real-time Full HD video processing
  • Seamless behavior and action detection
  • High accuracy despite poor lighting conditions, shaky camera footage, and occlusions
  • Optimal balance between image analysis accuracy and system performance

ML-driven analytics and business intelligence

  • Big data-trained ML algorithms for intelligent workflow automation
  • Real-world data for actionable IoT insights
  • Comprehensive data visualization and reporting
  • Predictive maintenance and proactive diagnostics
  • Remote monitoring and alerting in real time
  • Mobile BI to support decision-making on the go

Top big data talent with hands-on experience

  • Robust and scalable big data architectures
  • Automatic data ingestion from IoT-enabled devices and smart sensors
  • ML-powered data transformation and automated metadata management
  • Next-gen data warehouse platforms
  • Enterprise-grade data governance

We use the cutting edge of tech to streamline IoT projects

Get our assistance in integrating all your connected devices into a robust ecosystem and enhance your internet of things software in every aspect — from architecture to UI design.


Languages: C • C++
RTOS: RTLinux • RIOT • FreeRTOS • VxWorks • Android Things • Windows IoT • embOS • Nucleus RTOS • ThreadX

Connectivity and Middleware

MQTT • CoAP • REST • AMQP • WebSocket • TCP/IP • Bluetooth • BLE • WiFi • GPRS/2G/3G/4G • NFC • Zigbee • CAN/CANopen • iBeacon


Amazon Web Services • IBM Watson IoT platform • Microsoft Azure IoT Hub • Google Cloud IoT • Oracle IoT Cloud Service • SAP IoT Platform • Cisco IoT

Apps and UI

Java • .NET • Qt • PHP • Python • Objective-C • Swift • Go • Rust • Node.js • React