Managed maintenance services

As mature problems-solvers, we have over a decade of experience in tackling challenging business-critical projects. Our teams are made up of T-shaped professionals who are ready to deliver top-notch managed support services for the fail-safe operation of your systems.

Legacy system modernization and support

Resolving code issues

You can rely on us to help you fix badly structured legacy code, upgrading its readability and maintainability. We apply a set of best practices such as multi-stage code review and refactoring to increase performance and facilitate future solution enhancement.

Upgrading the tech stack

We dive deep into the specifics of your business case to suggest a winning mix of the latest tools and frameworks as a replacement for your outdated stack. Our research and development experts can also propose a completely new solution to the issue you’ve been battling with.

Improving usability

We are well-versed in legacy system analysis and application modernization services. Our UX experts tackle tasks ranging from UX design to multiplatform UI implementations, bringing your system up to date with modern usability and accessibility standards to boost user satisfaction.

Preparing detailed documentation

To improve maintainability and aid communication between stakeholders, our team works with you to generate transparent and detailed documentation including SRS, architecture design, source code documentation, easy-to-grasp admin and user guides, project reports, coding standards, and more.

Addressing quality issues

Streamlining the QA process

Oxagile’s QA department prides itself in tried-and-true workflows optimized to suit the needs of every individual project. Once implemented, our QA process allows you to remove excessive steps and potential bottlenecks, as well as optimize the use of QA resources.

Detecting bugs

We apply our best practices to tracking and testing every feature of your product. Due to the iterative nature of our QA approach, the team is able to run frequent checks and discover the origins of every issue before it can significantly impact the project.

Minimizing regressions

We put in place rigorous QA procedures to battle regressions and let you roll out new releases frequently and with confidence. Our proprietary AQA framework makes it possible to quickly discover and tackle issues on long-term projects with extremely complex business logic.

Take your project to the next level

We’re ready to exceed stakeholder expectations in terms of product quality and support. Contact us now to discuss your projects needs in detail.

Going beyond functionality

Increasing system performance

We leverage our software performance engineering capabilities to evaluate your system and determine the problems that hold your solution back. We also suggest various fixes to increase system robustness and resilience without disrupting your operations.

Powering scalability

Bolstering the scalability of high-load systems is our forte. Through expansion-focused architecture design and performance engineering we make sure that your solution can reliably support any number of concurrent users and your business has space to develop.

Ensuring service availability

For mission-critical legacy software systems that require high availability 24/7, our engineers propose measures aimed at increasing redundancy and fault tolerance. On top of that, we help clients implement effective tools for resolving system outages and minimizing downtime.

Repairing gaps in security

After conducting an end-to-end assessment of your system, our security engineers will be able to classify existing vulnerabilities, define the focal points specific to your business case, and propose security recommendations driven by best practices and OWASP guidelines.

Mature agile process geared for predictability

Coordinating multiple teams

If you are experiencing process management issues, we are ready to step in with a fine-tuned distributed Scrum process, distinguished by predictability of results, advanced risk management, and daily communication between teams.

Increasing transparency

We give you full visibility into every aspect of development at every stage of the project. By leveraging transparent communication channels and detailed reports you are able to exercise total control and make well-informed decisions on your product strategy.

Promoting a productive DevOps-driven culture

Our DevOps services enable more effective usage of project resources and support accelerated product delivery. We enable you to perform regular system integrations and run continuous end-to-end automated tests to dramatically improve product quality.

Keeping costs under control

We provide professional assistance in budget control and ROI monitoring, allowing you to effectively tackle the problem of skyrocketing costs on complex long-term projects.

  • Development costs. With features like in-depth code review, early bug detection, and frequent tests, our tried-and-true agile product development workflows help you lower cost to fix and overall development expenses with every iteration.
  • Onboarding costs. Provided with good documentation and well-defined processes, you will be able to organize reliable knowledge transfer and significantly bring down the cost of onboarding new team members as a result.
  • Maintenance costs. We help you cut expenses by improving your system’s modifiability, modularity, and reusability through future-proof tech stacks, flexible architectures, and robust structured knowledge management.