Tap into custom messaging and video live chat app development services

Capitalize on our extensive chat app development expertise to build and customize state-of-the-art applications that combine outstanding performance and scalability with a rich set of collaboration capabilities. Video and audio calls, multimedia and files sharing, group chats, social integrations, and more – take your team communication to the next level.

High-quality video and audio communication

Built-in voice and video calls

Text conversations can only get you so far when it comes to resolving issues in real time. Empower professional chat users to start voice and video calls directly from the chat window with a single tap of a button.

Third-party apps integration

For teams that have a preference for an existing calling app, seamless third-party app integration can be the answer. No need to switch between solutions — the necessary functionality will be available in one place.

Unlimited scalability

Our custom video chat solution architects leverage a variety of approaches, from enterprise-grade load balancing to cloud-based auto-scalability to make sure that your chat app solution can comfortably handle any number of participants in a group call.

Rich collaboration functionality

Sophisticated chat logic

In large teams and across departments, cooperation can get complex. We build chat applications with a well-structured system of roles and permissions, threaded discussions, public and private channels, and more to help users navigate multi-level conversations with ease.

Media sharing

Instantly share files, images, videos, and links within chats, be it from their computer, mobile device, or cloud service. Enable in-line file sharing, screen sharing during video calls, and automated syncing of all files and messages between devices.

External integrations

Our engineers can help you integrate your preferred crop of digital tools into the chat app, minimizing distractions and creating a unified collaboration environment. From social media to analytical tools, users will have everything they need at their fingertips.

Team productivity tools

To keep everyone on the same page and keep the tasks moving, we provide multiple options for team productivity control and management. Shared team calendars, to-do lists, polls, support tickets, interactive diagrams, report generation — you name it, we deliver.


Add chatbot functionality to your chat app to cover dozens of repetitive tasks and support the daily needs of the team. Our engineers can build bots of any complexity, from simple event triggers to AI-based assistants that recognize patterns and personalize their responses.


We help businesses incorporate all types of notifications directly in the chat — comments on shared files, mentions, emails, direct messages — so that every user can receive timely updates without juggling numerous windows and solutions.

Technical excellence in WebRTC video chat app development

Cross-platform solutions development

Desktop apps

We create user-friendly, high-performance desktop chat apps tailored to the specific business workflows of the client, including cross-platform applications for Windows, macOS, and Linux, as well as JavaScript-based desktop apps.

Web-based apps

Our cross-platform chat apps leverage WebRTC to provide video and audio communication, desktop sharing, co-browsing, and more — across all modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge.

Mobile-first apps

We deliver cross-platform mobile chat apps that provide a consistent look and feel on any device, helping iOS and Android users alike to effectively perform professional tasks on the go.

Ensuring quality

Our QA specialists have battle-proven tools and processes under their belts to ensure the highest attainable product quality at all times. Some of the benefits of our quality management approach:

  • Faster releases
  • Full visibility into QA processes
  • 100% budget control
  • Risk identification and mitigation
  • Outstanding QoE across platforms and devices
  • Improved user satisfaction
  • Access to a customizable in-house AQA framework
  • Cost savings with test automation