WebRTC streaming: Scaled

Underpinned by multi-year experience, we help businesses build, scale, and customize their WebRTC services. To deliver maximum value, we use cutting-edge tech tools and partner with industry-leading media servers.

Solve your key needs with our WebRTC experts

We’re apt for technical challenges of any complexity. From improving broadcast quality to building a tailored solution, we’ve got you covered.

Increase scalability

We use best practices around performance engineering and intelligent autoscaling to boost WebRTC streaming capacity — all to support a large number of geographically distributed simultaneous viewers.

Enhance stream quality

Leverage comprehensive performance QA to deal with low bandwidth and congested network connections. We’ll help you achieve the optimal performance vs. cost optimization balance to ensure the highest quality of experience.

Build a custom solution

Whether you need to engineer a WebRTC streaming app from scratch or build a custom WebRTC module, we are ready to assist you. A custom solution will help you solve particular business needs with tailored features like stream recording and post-processing.

WebRTC video broadcasting for a competitive advantage

Underpinned by WebRTC knowledge, we guide clients on the path from ideation to end-to-end solution development. Contact us to get expert advice on how to build large-scale broadcasting apps able to support a virtually infinite number of users.

Tap into our WebRTC broadcasting competence

Performance engineering

  • Latency-driven architecture design
  • Support for MPEG-DASH, HLS, WOWZ, etc.
  • CDN strategy implementation
  • Simulcasting and ABR streaming
  • Full-cycle performance QA

Scalability implementation

  • Dealing with limits for camera connections
  • Adding new media servers on the fly
  • Real-time monitoring of average load
  • Cloud-based autoscaling based on load level
  • On-prem, cloud, hybrid deployments

QoS expertise

  • Monitoring of jitter, bandwidth, round trip time, etc.
  • Automatic RTC peer reconnection
  • Leveraging low-bitrate audio and video codecs
  • Using low-bandwidth networks
  • CDN and database tuning

WebRTC consulting

  • Streaming infrastructure
  • UCaaS/CPaaS vendor selection
  • Scalable architecture design
  • Latency optimization
  • Protocols and standards

Full-fledged solution development

  • MVP and prototype development
  • Custom module development
  • WebRTC customization
  • Comprehensive QA
  • TCO optimization

WebRTC integration

  • Company-wide and third-party
  • Support for Kurento, Wowza, etc.
  • On-prem / cloud / hybrid setups
  • Custom API development
  • API quality assurance

Technology stack

Streaming and playback

Red5 Pro • GStreamer • Wowza • THEO • Streamroot • Kurento


RTMP • HLS • RTMP • TSP • DASH • AAC • HDS • Smooth

Sources of streaming

web camera • IP camera • third-party RTSP-server

Audio codec support

G.711 • G.722 • Speex • Opus • iLBC • iSAC

Video codec support

VP8 • VP9 • AV1 • AVC / H.264 • H.263 • HEVC (H.265) • MP4V-ES • MPEG-1 • MPEG-2 • Theora

Protocol support


Browser support

WebRTC • HTML5 Websockets • Websockets SSL