Create life-like collaboration in whatever workflow you may use

  • Team meetings
  • Training sessions
  • Live webinars
  • Online events and conferences
  • Coworking spaces
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Call centers
  • Remote maintenance sessions

Start small, think big: Grow your video conferencing experience with us

Phase 1: Get the essentials before launching custom video conferences

While setting up for a long-term journey with VCP, you may take a test drive with the capabilities included:

  • Online video conferencing via web browsers
  • Screen sharing while presenting to meeting participants
  • Simple platform architecture for easy scaling without code rewriting
  • Cloud-agnostic architecture enabling smooth migration from or to any cloud environment
  • Distributed sessions for unlimited streaming without delays

Phase 2: Enable an engaging video calling experience with tailor-made features

We realize you may need a more feature-rich solution. That’s why we can extend the basic version of VCP to make your virtual meetings more captivating and collaborative. Some of the advancements include, but are not limited to:

  • Calling improvements: On-device recording, integration with chats, call quality scoring
  • Interactivity: Smart boards, meeting notes, active talk indicators, remote control
  • Collaboration: Breakout and waiting rooms, file uploading
  • Security and compliance: User authentication, media stream encryption
  • Platform scalability: Cross-platform support, native apps for iOS and Android

Willing to try out a basic version of VCP in real time?

Feel free to schedule an online call with our team and feel it on your own. We’ll be happy to know how video conferencing is used in your organization to suggest a viable extension plan for your advanced VCP version.

What’s your use case? Let us give birth to your story



Whether you’re operating in a hospital or handle private healthcare services, video conferencing provides advantages at any level, including managerial, educational, and patient care. Medical training, staff credentialing, and online appointments are now available remotely from anywhere.



Are you in search of advanced video conferencing capabilities to gain more efficiency for human resource functions in your company? Let us help your HR professionals screen applicants remotely from locations having no company offices, take online employee assessment meetings, and launch corporate training sessions for distributed teams.

Sales & retail

Sales & retail

Enable interactive product or service presentations with audience management features, like raising hands, breakout rooms, video recording, or provide a personal shopping service through video conferencing as if buyers were in a real shop. Meet with customers located worldwide at any time, without complex scheduling or travelling to remote locations.

Remote service

Remote field service

Complement in-person assistance with remote to make field services more flexible, yet efficient. Provide more remote management opportunities for technicians to guide their peers, troubleshoot customer issues, or train less experienced specialists.


Social communication

Are you thinking about enabling a more personal touch to your dating or social media app? Video conferencing may enhance a dating experience and ensure the right match. Provide face-to-face communication opportunities for users, no matter where they may be located.



Connect students and educators in an online collaborative environment with video calling capabilities that enable learning like in a physical educational institution. Remote lessons, lectures, webinars, conferences, and other eLearning activities are taken easier with video chatting solutions.



Create a live streaming experience for engaging group games. Add interactive features, such as score tracking, audio tweaking, or team-associated backgrounds, to build strong gaming communities.

What makes the concept of VCP stand out

  • Unlimited live streaming

    Through distributed sessions allowing you not to limit the number of video calls managed by the server and live stream content with minimal delays.

  • Cloud-agnostic architecture

    Offering custom deployment options, on-premise or cloud, with no need to use only a specific cloud service provider.