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eLearning Software Development and Customization

Industry experts cite cost reduction, universal availability, greater flexibility and improved information retention among the top reasons why organizations are increasingly preferring eLearning to the conventional teaching methods.

Oxagile has been building and customizing eLearning solutions for over a decade and delivered dozens of edtech projects to Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, non‑profits, and startups around the world.

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Education sector

Corporate sector

Non-profit sector

A program or a course stay useful as long as they are relevant and accessible to learners. Oxagile helps forward-thinking educators to be on the ball at all times and apply the latest edtech to invigorate the educational process while staying in line with the institution’s policies and requirements.

  • Turnkey Learning Management Systems (LMS) and digital learning platforms (DLP)
  • Integration of powerful tools for enrolment, scheduling, course building, file and media sharing, in-class collaboration, accountability, and more
  • Customization and enhancement of an existing LMS (Moodle, Totara, Blackboard, etc.)

In the corporate environment, the scale and range of employee groups in need of continuous training and certification pose serious challenges for eLearning strategists. Oxagile delivers secure, enterprise-grade knowledge portals that enable employers to streamline staff onboarding and keep their workforce motivated.

  • Full compliance with industry standards such as SCORM, AICC, and xAPI
  • White label edtech solutions as an additional means of monetization
  • Feature-rich software for learning task management, planning, and progress tracking

Stringent accountability, high employee turnover, punishing deadlines — these are just some of the issues that non-profit organizations have to handle daily. Oxagile partners with NPOs to implement innovative eLearning solutions that enable consistent training for employees, boost volunteer engagement, and drive down overall training costs.

  • User-friendly, elegant UI equally accessible to professionals, donors and volunteers
  • Mobile learning solutions for greater flexibility and outreach
  • Detailed analytics and reporting for easy tracking of progress and learning efficiency
Share Your Vision

We are here to help you get the best out of education technology. Reach out to an edtech expert to discuss the optimal eLearning roadmap based on your organization’s needs and objectives.

Make Your Solution Stand Out

To truly deliver value to users, your edtech product must be able to engage and challenge them. Relying on deep expertise in complementary fields, our team is uniquely positioned to help you enrich your eLearning solution with inventive functionality and transform the entire learning experience.


Integrate the latest VR or AR technology into your study curriculum to promote engagement and faster learning rates. Practising high-precision skills, navigating hazardous work conditions, exploring remote or inaccessible locations — the new technology offers boundless opportunities to revolutionize the way users ingest and retain knowledge.


Video is a great tool for imparting complex ideas concisely and an integrable part of any modern eLearning course. Oxagile’s video technology experts can advise you on the best video implementation strategy, build a state-of-the-art media player, and design a failproof infrastructure for your online video library.

Real-Time Communication (RTC)

Make sure your eLearning solution enables learners and tutors to collaborate meaningfully every step of the way, be it via videoconferences, interactive presentations, screen and whiteboard sharing, or file and data exchange. Our developers will take care of integrating it for you.


The ability to learn on the go is absolutely crucial for the popularity of your solution. Allow users to unplug and shape their learning activities themselves — they will thank you for it. Oxagile’s mobile developers are always available to optimize a learner’s journey through your LMS or DLP for any platform and screen required.

What Customers Say

Our vision was to create a coaching analytics system where coaching is married to big data. In under 10 months, Oxagile delivered a fully functional system that is currently adding exponentially greater value to our clients.

As a result, we exceeded our business targets and opened a new revenue channel that is pushing the limit on what our field can achieve.

Oxagile’s careful, innovative, tireless, and consistent execution has made them a critical partner to our business and the ongoing success story at AIIR.

Jonathan Kirschner Chief Executive Officer, AIIR Consulting LLC

Highlighted Projects

Education and Training Platform for Senior Executives

A full-blown learning platform for top executives looking to enhance their organizational skills.

The system allows managers to enroll in courses, take exams, and communicate with colleagues around the world. The system was built with reliability and scalability in mind and supports over 10,000 concurrent users.

Top-Tier Enterprise Coaching Platform

A cloud-based business coaching system that creates a single environment for the needs of corporate talent managers, business coaches, and executives willing to boost the impact of leadership development programs.

The solution enables the creation and maintenance of new coaching engagements, seamless knowledge sharing, and completely transparent ROI monitoring.

Comprehensive SCORM-Compliant Learning Management System

A well-known American institute relied on Oxagile’s proven EdTech expertise to build a user-friendly LMS for creation, distribution and reselling of advanced professional development courses in various fields.

The delivered solution comes with white-label capabilities and includes a feature-rich course builder, a complete customer care system, various payment options, and more.

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Tired of one-size-fits-all approach to learning management that leaves your pain points unaddressed? Don’t hesitate to contact our edtech team who will come up with a tailored solution for you.