Enterprise learning management systems

Empower your in-house staff and extended enterprise assets with the tools they need to become a stronger and more productive workforce. Leverage a modern enterprise learning management system to nurture knowledge, reduce the skills gap, and keep your organization ahead of the competition.

Discover the power behind a bespoke enterprise learning management system

Fast and easy employee onboarding

Welcome your employees with a streamlined onboarding process to help new hires quickly integrate into the corporate culture. With an enterprise LMS in place, you can easily tailor onboarding to a specific position to better prepare newcomers for the job and decrease the turnover rate.

Workforce upskilling and reskilling

With today’s fast-changing markets, skills are becoming the new currency. A centralized learning system allows you to organize continuous upskilling of your workforce to create empowered employees with higher performance rates — your biggest competitive advantage.

Improved talent retention

Leverage a modern enterprise learning management system to attract and keep the best talent on board. High-quality training and expertise sharing, tailored learning paths and progression plans — foster professional growth and map out an employee’s future with the company to personalize it and significantly increase motivation.

Supercharged employee engagement

Tap into the power of edtech to beat low engagement and poor performance with personalized learning experiences and self-paced training. Add gamification features to improve interactivity and drive excitement. And by rewarding achievements and success, you can provide your employees with a sense of recognition and improve engagement.

Enterprise-wide reporting and analytics

Leverage advanced analytics to unlock the true value of your LMS data. Track learners’ activity in real time, assess engagement, and measure training efficiency to better tailor your educational content and improve learning outcomes.

Driving effective learning and training across departments


Human Resources

Put a stop to HR headaches by effectively automating employee onboarding and training with a powerful enterprise learning solution. Seamlessly integrate your LMS with HRIS of choice to ensure data synchronization across systems and 360-degree visibility.


Finance and accounting

Reduce time to competency for your financial department with an online employee training platform. Leverage effective compliance training to mitigate financial and reputational risks while keeping your staff up-to-date with new laws and regulations.


Sales and marketing

Encourage your sales and marketing teams to sharpen their skills and close more deals. From effective communication to demos and presentations to digital sales, deliver online sales training to boost team performance and increase revenue. Turn your LMS into a new customer data channel by connecting the system with your CRM and extending training to customers.


Customer service and support

Level up your customer service training to deliver top-notch customer experiences. Incorporate real-world scenarios, game-based learning, role plays, and more into your frontline support staff training to improve response time, win customer loyalty, and elevate NPS score.

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Ready to turn your workforce into a competitive advantage? Leverage our LMS consulting expertise to identify your corporate training needs and fuel employee growth.

How we work

Business case analysis

To kick off on the right foot, our seasoned BAs perform a meticulous business case analysis and elaborate requirements. Within your enterprise, we identify your key stakeholders and their learning needs to create a detailed roadmap for your bespoke enterprise LMS.

Custom enterprise LMS development

Backed by multi-year edtech expertise, our engineers build highly performant enterprise learning management solutions that boast superior usability and support a growing number of learners.

Across-the-board integrations

We seamlessly integrate your LMS into business ecosystem to make your organization run like a well-oiled machine. HRIS, CRM, CMS, eCommerce software — we help you break down silos and ensure smooth data flow for streamlined end-to-end operations.


Adding a new system to your technology landscape does not have to be tricky. To set your teams for success, we offer comprehensive implementation support that includes extensive documentation, 1-to-1 and group training sessions, and readily available technical assistance.

Accelerate time to value for your next enterprise LMS project

Live streaming at scale

Lectures, conferences, webinars, workshops, social events, and meetups — bring these educational opportunities closer to your employees with live streaming functionality. Experts in video, we will help you choose, integrate, and customize an online video platform that supports your learning objectives.

Reliable real-time communication

Enhance your enterprise LMS with powerful video conferencing and collaboration tools to transform your audiences into interactive communities. Enable your employees with in-session live chats, interactive whiteboards, seamless media sharing, co-browsing, and screen sharing functionality to dramatically improve learning outcomes.

Feature-packed VoD solutions

Build a strong VoD library of educational materials to provide your learners with instant access to an expert knowledge pool to watch anywhere, any time, and on any device. Automatically convert recorded live events to continuously enrich your portfolio of on-demand video resources.

Immersive AR and VR experiences

Tap into the power of cutting-edge AR and VR to take your enterprise learning platform to the next level. Deliver immersive experiences, encourage peer-to-peer collaboration, and simulate real-life scenarios to help your employees sharpen the skills in a safe environment.

AI-fueled enterprise learning

Put your learners front and center with personalized learning journeys tailored uniquely to their needs. Infused with machine learning, your LMS can help you gain deep insights into learners’ behavior and unearth skills gaps to deliver hyper-targeted content for more impactful learning.

СV-based image analysis

Leverage our expertise in computer vision to significantly improve search and streamline learning activities. With CV-driven image analysis and video assets auto-tagging, pulling relevant information becomes a breeze.