Hire a custom edtech solution development company

Underpinned by our multi-year edtech expertise, we build easy-to-use, interoperable eLearning portals that cover key business needs of corporate, education, for-profit, governmental, and non-governmental sectors.

Full-fledged eLearning portal development services

Whether you need to customize your eLearning portal or enhance it with innovative features, we’ve got you covered.

End-to-end development

From comprehensive eLearning consulting and product ideation to agile-driven development and continuous portal improvement, we’re here to assist you. Our subject-matter experts know what functionality your solution needs to stand out from the crowd and bring revenue.

Solution enhancement

We have the right skills and tools to perfect your eLearning portal in terms of usability, performance, reliability, and security. You can also rely on our engineers to smoothly migrate your solution database — we ensure a high level of business continuity.

Third-party integrations

Use our knowledge around APIs, custom connector development, and integration testing to smoothly pair up your eLearning portal with any third-party solution, including ERP, CRM, social media, and payment systems.

Innovation enablement

Equip your solution with trailblazing features while staying in line with your institution’s policies and requirements. Go with a market leader in digital transformation to enable hyper-personalized course recommendations, computer vision-powered proctoring, and more.

Capitalize on our cross-domain knowledge to revamp your eLearning portal

Online video

Powerful online video capabilities

  • Live streaming of audio and video material
  • Multi-CDN setups to ensure glitch-free viewing experiences for thousands of simultaneous learners around the world
  • Multiple video content monetization models, including subscriptions, pay-per-course options, and in-video advertisements
  • Extensive libraries with on-demand video content
  • RTC-enabled videoconferencing and messaging tools
  • Support for desktop sharing and co-browsing
  • Second-screen functionality for increased learner interactivity
  • Live-to-VoD functionality that enables additional revenue opportunities
  • VR and 360-degree video content


Effective user and course management

  • Versatile user management with support for roles like administrators, tutors, and students
  • Social media integration for smooth user signups and result sharing
  • Easy-to-use tools for uploading, updating, rescheduling, and disabling courses
  • AI-fueled course generation on the basis of various lessons
  • Comprehensive document management
  • Advanced course management: presentations, case studies, reading assignments, webinars, surveys, class discussions, and more
  • Content categorization, including creation of chapters, sections, and modules
  • Smart class scheduling and rescheduling
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Instant notifications about any course updates

Exam tacking

Exam taking and certification

  • An extensive analysis of question libraries and AI-enabled exam generation
  • Sophisticated reviewing and rating
  • Self-assessment functionality
  • Photo and video exam monitoring
  • Electronic signature support
  • Automated certificate generation based on a library of fully customizable templates
  • Easy certificate export to different formats
  • Detailed exam reporting
  • Advanced support, including ticket creation, prioritization, and tracking


Cutting-edge proctoring

  • Accurate exam monitoring for hundreds of simultaneous users around the world
  • High-precision face recognition for student identity validation
  • Cutting-edge keystroke recognition to assess learner typing patterns
  • Support for live and automated sessions
  • Automated session flagging based on a number of triggers such as light and audio level changes, head movements, window resize events, and more
  • Advanced scoring functionality to assign penalty points and notify watchers
  • Text and audio chat features for smooth proctor-student interactions



  • Customized gamification experiences
  • Advanced rewarding functionality: points, levels, badges, leaderboards, and more
  • Discount-based loyalty programs
  • Contests, quests, and quizzes for enhanced motivation
  • Engaging 2D and 3D learning material
  • Social media functionality: gamified profiles, achievement sharing, forum discussions, and more


In-depth reporting

  • Detailed insights into tutor efficiency
  • BI-powered learner progress tracking
  • Increased visibility into the entire learning process, including lesson and course completion, budget spending, and rewards
  • Learning program ROI assessment
  • Student satisfaction analysis for future course improvements
  • Interactive BI dashboards

eLearning portal development: Ensuring outstanding user experience

As an eLearning portal development company we’re in the loop about the major challenges imposed by online education and make the most of our web portal development competence to deliver best-of-breed solutions.

Excellent usability

Develop a user-centric eLearning portal with clear UI, smooth onboarding, personalized learning paths, and powerful search. Show students how much you care about them by optimizing your solution for mobile, tablet, and smartwatch as well as following WCAG accessibility guidelines.

Rock-solid performance

Our backend specialists are well-versed in engineering fault-tolerant, highly scalable infrastructures that comfortably withstand peak traffic. We also perform comprehensive load and stress testing to make sure your portal can deliver round-the-clock service to thousands of concurrent learners.

Top-notch security

Leverage our expertise around DRM, encryption, access control, and watermarking to protect your licensed content from theft and unauthorized use. Create coherent risk management and disaster recovery strategies. Set user mind at ease by complying with GDPR, PCI DSS, and other personal information protection regulations.