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Tap Into Computer Vision to Revolutionize Your Workflow

Custom Image Recognition and Analysis Software

Designed to give machines the ability to visually sense the world, computer-based visual recognition is leading the way of innovation.

From biometrics and forensics to augmented reality and industrial quality control, image analysis systems are changing the way organizations work, enabling never-before-possible efficiencies, precision, and control.

Oxagile brings its machine- and deep-learning expertise coupled with years of cross-domain experience in online video and EdTech to help you design and deliver a best-in-class computer vision system of any complexity.

Industries and Domains We Empower

Tap into CV-powered online merchandising to intelligently suggest related products based on visual affinity instead of text-based tags. Use visual product discovery to let shoppers easily find that sought-after item by pointing their camera at a related one.
Media and Entertainment
Use machine vision to deliver smart search and content recommendations that drive user engagement and fuel media consumption. Build on our VR and AR know-how to create stunning apps — poised to go viral with features like gesture analysis and emotion recognition.
Capitalize on the cutting edge of image analysis to enable remote monitoring of vital functions, use neural networks to facilitate early diagnostics, or delve into pattern recognition to automate drug discovery and help unearth new drug treatments.
Marketing Technology
Supercharge your retargeting campaigns and curb shopping cart abandonment with dynamic creatives that display visually similar products. Throw behavior patterns, purchase history, and predictive analytics into the mix to enable for a superior user experience.
Forensics and Legal
Realize the benefits of biometric forensics to help alleviate many social ills. From investigating infringements to identifying perpetrators to finding missing persons — machine vision can pitch in with next-gen capabilities like iris and gait analysis to solve the case.
e-Learning and EdTech
Improve teacher-student interactions and hone teaching methods by relying on deep image analysis capabilities such as attentiveness detection. Champion academic integrity during tests and exams with seamless motion and face recognition features.

Leverage our expertise to launch your next image recognition solution. Contact us today for a free feasibility analysis, and an expert will touch base with you ASAP.

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Our Image Recognition and Analysis Tech Stack

  • C++
  • OpenCV
  • Unity
  • OpenGL
  • OpenCL
  • CUDA
  • Google Cloud Speech
  • Google Cloud Vision
  • Amazon AI
  • Amazon Machine Learning
  • Kurento’s computer vision module

Why Oxagile

We Love a Challenge
Our image recognition and analysis team thrives on tackling challenges that may seem impossible to solve at first glance. Put our machine vision technologists and data scientists to the test and see them come out on top!
Strong R&D
We pride ourselves on our R&D unit whose relevant research continuously powers our machine and deep learning projects. Whenever a project calls for sailing into unchartered waters, count on our R&D team to devise a solution that works.
Cross-Domain Expertise
Since 2005, we have accumulated profound expertise in a range of areas — from online video and RTC to adtech, eLearning, and big data. Let us marry this know-how with your computer vision needs to build a solution that meets and exceeds users’ expectations.

Highlighted Case Studies

Innovative Machine Learning-Supported Proctoring Platform

A top-grade proctoring platform designed to provide educational institutions with a dependable way of conducting hundreds of simultaneous remote exams.

The system relies on a customized version of the OpenCV library to ensure seamless student identity verification as well as effective exam monitoring.

Ground-Breaking Live Basketball Action Stats Solution

A mobile solution leveraging computer vision and statistical analysis to give coaches, scouts, and fans the ability to track live action basketball stats.

When watching a game through a mobile camera, a user can simply tap any player to instantly view a wealth of player-related information.

Let Us Help You Succeed

Armed with a leading-edge tech stack and supported by ongoing R&D, we are ready to effectively tackle your machine vision challenges. Let’s sit down to discuss your image or video analysis needs and find the best way to lift your idea off the ground.