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We help progressive businesses to automate workflows, boost efficiencies, and sharpen a competitive edge through the expert delivery of tailor-made object recognition software. Our clients are high-profile brands from various industries and business domains.

Tap into our object detection expertise

We use our knowledge around video and image analysis to solve your pain points.

Object tracking

Object tracking

We combine our computer vision development expertise with
cross-domain knowledge to enhance public and work safety.

  • Identification and tracking of static and dynamic objects
  • Real-time multi-object tracking
  • Crowd analysis and control
  • Social distancing monitoring
  • Comprehensive object profile creation
  • Walking route analysis
  • Dealing with occlusions and complex interactions

Edge detection

Edge detection

Experts in image processing, we ensure high performance
and accuracy in identifying edges in a digital image.

  • Real-time edge detection for static and moving objects
  • Differentiating and noise reduction
  • Horizontal and vertical edge identification
  • Feature extraction and matching
  • Accurate pattern recognition
  • Leveraging Sobel, Canny, Prewitt, Roberts, and fuzzy logic methods

Person attributes detection

Person attributes detection

We use powerful mechanisms to ensure high performance
and accuracy in identifying and analyzing person attributes.

  • Real-time person attribute collection
  • Precise face mask identification
  • Gender and age group detection regardless of context and clothing
  • Detection of hairstyles, hats, sunglasses, and more
  • Face landmarks recognition (eye color, nose tip, eyebrow types, etc.)
  • Overarching audio-visual emotion recognition

Temperature determination

Temperature determination

Tap into our service offering to ensure a secure enterprise
environment in the time of COVID-19 and beyond.

  • Body temperature detection
  • Frictionless processing of a 16-bit thermal images
  • Leveraging non-standard dataset with grayscale thermal images
  • Using a combination of RGB and a thermal camera
  • Ensuring accuracy: +/- 0.3 °C (~0.5 °F)

Body motion analysis

Body motion analysis

Underpinned by body motion analysis expertise, we solve
the most daunting business tasks around public safety,
online proctoring, sports, and more.

  • Pose estimation and activity analysis
  • In-depth behavior analysis and abnormal behavior detection
  • Dominant and rare behavior mapping
  • Analysis of facial expression, gestures, and postures
  • Eye gaze tracking and handwriting recognition
  • Player activity tracking and analysis

Emotion analysis

Emotion analysis

We apply cutting-edge emotion recognition and sentiment
analysis techniques to enable new efficiencies around marketing,
online video, e-learning, public safety, and other domains.

  • High-precise face recognition and analysis
  • Identification of positive, negative, and neutral emotions
  • Sentiment classification based on customizable parameters
  • Real-time attention tracking
  • Customer satisfaction analysis

We apply object recognition for


Public safety

A video and image analysis company with multi-year experience, we apply cutting-edge object detection mechanisms to ensure public and private safety. Crowd analysis, suspicious individuals tracking, violence detection, our expertise covers multiple business cases.


Attention control

Experts in biometric development, we build enterprise-grade proctoring solutions. By analyzing person facial expression, postures, and gestures, we’ll help you with student engagement and attention evaluation, making sure every exam is conducted in full compliance with regulations.


Viewer engagement

Use the best of face and emotion recognition techs to analyze your viewers with precision. Gain insights into demographics and reactions to your content to provide personalized ads, highlights, and recommendations.



Bank on our object and emotion recognition services to analyze your customers and tailor your messages and creatives to their interests. Boost the efficiency of your loyalty programs by recognizing valued customers as soon as they arrive.

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Contact our development team to discuss how face recognition, image analysis, and biometric implementation can redefine your business workflows.

Create object recognition solutions with Oxagile

Maximize operational efficiencies, precision, and control through the power of computer vision business solutions. Our experts will help you get a competitive edge across public safety, marketing, medical imaging, and more.

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Why choose Oxagile

Proactive R&D

Our internal projects on text analytics, video analysis, biometric integration, and other areas help us try out new concepts and create in-house tools that further accelerate development and minimize TTM for our clients.

Online video excellence

Online video has been our forte since 2005. We combine this decade-long expertise with computer vision skills to solve the most complicated video analysis challenges across adtech, martech, public safety, healthcare, and more.

ISO 27001 certification

We’re an ISO 27001-certified software development company that drives the highest corporate information security standards and focuses on protecting our customers’ data at all times.

We build computer vision solutions of any type

Underpinned by a track record of visual analysis projects, our team tackles complex business challenges across verticals and domains.

Image analysis

Advanced image analysis solutions

Our specialists develop tailored image analysis software to enhance your visual data-based workflows. We can also help you smoothly integrate third-party platforms into your business to boost performance, enable content compliance, and ensure brand safety.

Video analysis

Powerful video analysis solutions

We create intelligent video analytics solutions that cover an array of use cases — from video content classification and online exam proctoring to anomaly detection and suspect identification.

Facial recognition

Facial recognition software

We use facial recognition know-hows to speed up and automate a number of manual tasks. From student attention monitoring to suspect detection, our developers can tailor the recognition process to any business case.


Cutting-edge biometric solutions

We engineer custom biometrics solutions for various clients, including banks, police departments, airports, and educational establishments. By leveraging best practices around voice biometrics, keystroke recognition, and fingerprint identification, we address their major security needs.

Custom text analytics software

Text analytics services provided by Oxagile will contribute to your successful branding strategy, automate tiresome document processing, and increase the engagement of your clients, among other business goals. Rely on our custom software solutions to quickly extract valuable info from texts.

Object recognition development tools

Our experience is grounded on fundamental scientific research and supplemented with knowledge of signal processing physics.

DL frameworks

Tensorflow • PyTorch • Core ML • MXNet • Caffe2 • Chainer • Theano • Sonnet • Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit


Kurento’s computer vision module • NVIDIA DeepStream SDK • TensorRT • GStreamer


Google Cloud AI • Amazon Machine Learning • Azure Machine Learning


Server • Desktop • Edge devices • Cloud • Mobile • Tablet