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A video analytics solution development company with multi-year experience, we enable companies from the most dynamic industries to automate business processes and enhance efficiencies.

Video analytics

Video analytics

Media and entertainment, public safety, sports — no matter the industry and business domain you’re in, we’ll help you solve various business cases through video analytics solutions development.

  • Real-time video analysis
  • Anomaly and threat detection
  • Behavior analysis and action detection
  • Video recognition (objects, scenes, actions)
  • Speech recognition (speech-to-text)
  • Video annotation and analysis

Video processing

Video processing

We combine our computer vision expertise with online video knowledge to drive tangible business results across industries and domains.

  • Video restoration and enhancement (inpainting, relighting, super-resolution, deblurring, de-hazing, artifacts removal)
  • Intelligent adaptation of ads to video scenes
  • Anomaly detection (black screen, glitches, etc.)
  • Automated video annotation
  • CV-based metadata tagging

People tracking

People tracking

We build custom human detection software able to track persons in real time, providing high accuracy despite occlusions, motion blur, shaky camera footage, adverse weather conditions, and more.

  • Identification and tracking of standing and moving persons
  • Accurate multi-person tracking
  • Advanced facial recognition
  • In-depth crowd analysis
  • Real-time social distance monitoring
  • Walking route identification and analysis
  • Addressing complex interactions and occlusions

Object detection and tracking

Object detection and tracking

No matter how complicated your business case is, our video analytics specialists are here to assist you.

  • Detection and tracking of static and moving objects
  • Weapons recognition
  • Vehicle detection and identification
  • Dealing with occlusions, deformation, and complex interactions

Vehicle detection and identification

Vehicle detection and identification

We ensure high accuracy in detecting and identifying various vehicle types despite shaky camera, adverse weather conditions, poor lighting, etc.

  • Detection of cars, bicycles, scooters, ships, and more
  • Vehicle location detection and tracking in real time
  • License plate recognition with high-accuracy OCR
  • Monitoring of illicitly parked vehicles
  • Traffic flow analysis

Semantic segmentation

Semantic segmentation

Use our semantic segmentation services to ensure pixel-perfect quality in an array of use cases, including virtual background creation in videoconferencing, autonomous driving analysis, and visual effect assistance in movies.

  • Large-scale video retrieval
  • Accurate processing of each video frame
  • Foreground target and background region detection
  • Full-spectrum object labeling
  • CNN-based methods: motion-based and detection-based techniques

Pattern recognition

Pattern recognition

Make the most of our pattern recognition integration knowledge to reinforce your business offering. Our expertise includes:

  • Video data collection, cleaning from noise, and examination
  • Pattern identification and categorization
  • Supervised pattern classification
  • Statistical, syntactic, and neural pattern recognition
  • Automatic description and grouping of patterns

Build custom video analytics solutions

Real-time video analysis

  • Highly performant object detection and tracking
  • As fast as 1 ms per frame video processing
  • Cutting-edge object identification
  • Real-time object attribute collection
  • Comprehensive object profile creation
  • Seamless behavior and/or action detection
  • Intuitive user-facing tools for results analysis and post-processing
  • Dealing with moving camera footage, occlusions, poor lighting conditions, and more

Performance-vs-accuracy optimization system

  • Optimal balance between image analysis accuracy and system performance
  • Frame-accurate tool to generate and compare performance-vs-accuracy data
  • Custom performance testing framework
  • Advanced ELK-based logging and fully-automatic real-time accuracy reporting

We apply computer vision-based video analytics for


Public safety

Bank on our video analytics services to customize and build solutions around public and private safety. Our expertise covers audio environment analysis (gunshot and explosion detection, etc.), crowd analysis, suspicious persons detection and tracking, violence identification, abnormal behavior analysis, abandoned object detection, and more.


Attention control

Experts in biometrics, we develop advanced online proctoring platforms able to accurately perform iris and face recognition, posture and gesture analysis, as well as behavior analysis for student engagement evaluation and cheating detection.


Viewer engagement

Analyze viewer reactions to your content with a cutting-edge of sentiment and emotion analysis. This will help you better understand your audience and serve hyper-personalized ads, video highlights, and content recommendations.



Thoroughly analyze customer sentiments to customize messages and creatives to their preferences and interests. Revamp your loyalty programs by recognizing your valued customers as soon as they arrive and serving them in a personalized way.

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Automate your workflows, enable more efficiency and control with a custom video analytics solution. We’ll help you blow past the competition across sports, marketing, public safety, and more.

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Why choose Oxagile as your video analysis software developer?

Innovative R&D

We implement innovative in-house projects around video analytics to create try out new concepts. Our proprietary tools and mechanisms enable development acceleration and time to market optimization.

Online video expertise

Since 2005, we’ve been powering the online video revolution. Combined with computer vision, this knowledge enables us to address the most daunting challenges across marketing, media and entertainment, public safety, and more.

ISO 27001 certification

We’re an ISO 27001-certified software development firm that focuses on safeguarding customer data at all times and following the highest corporate information security standards.

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We build computer vision solutions of any type

Image analysis

Powerful image analysis solutions

Our experts engineer custom image analysis software to revamp your visual data-based processes. We can also help you seamlessly integrate third-party platforms into your workflows to enhance performance, ensure content compliance, and enable brand safety.

Text analysis

Innovative text analysis software

We use best practices around speech-to-text, text-to-speech, and OCR to solve business tasks like creating meeting follow-ups, enabling digital subtitles for multi-language conferencing, enhancing client chatbots, and more.

Facial recognition

Facial recognition systems

Use facial recognition to automate a variety of manual tasks. From student attendance monitoring to suspect detection, our computer vision team is here to assist you.


Innovative biometric solutions

We develop tailored biometrics solutions for banks, police departments, airports, educational establishments, and more. By leveraging voice biometrics, keystroke recognition, and fingerprint identification, we solve complex security challenges.

Object detection and recognition

Whether you need to build a secure enterprise environment, increase student engagement during the e-learning process, or gain the most value from your loyalty programs, here we are to share our object tracking, activity tracking, emotion analysis, and temperature detection experience.

Video analytics development tools

We use innovative ML tools to ensure accuracy and precision, when building your custom solution.

DL frameworks

Tensorflow • PyTorch • Core ML • MXNet • Caffe2 • Chainer • Theano • Sonnet • Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit


Kurento’s computer vision module • NVIDIA DeepStream SDK • TensorRT • GStreamer


Google Cloud AI • Amazon Machine Learning • Azure Machine Learning


Server • Desktop • Edge devices • Cloud • Mobile • Tablet