Image recognition and analysis solutions

Need to develop custom image analysis software or integrate your existing solution with industry-leading platforms like Google Vision AI, Amazon Rekognition, or Clarifai? Our team of computer vision experts is here to help you.

We address your key image analysis needs

  • Automating visual data-based workflows to increase enterprise productivity
  • Performing advanced emotion recognition to boost customer experience
  • Conducting accurate object and face analysis for improved threat detection
  • Spotting sensitive content for enhanced regulatory compliance
  • Detecting anomalies and plagiarism to ensure brand safety

Machine learning is our forte

Want your image analysis software achieve a 100% results accuracy? Harness our tech talent that uses the best tools and approaches ML has to offer — CNN, RNN, deep belief learning, graph convolutional networks, and more — to accelerate data processing and help you drive decision-ready insights.

Whether you need to build a neural network from scratch or optimize your existing ML model for accuracy, latency, or size, we have the right knowledge and skills to help you succeed.

Our custom know-hows

We boast a strong R&D team that is constantly working on internal projects to come up with new concepts and approaches to image analysis software development. Our accumulated knowledge and skills can be applied to fulfill a wide range of complex tasks:

  • Image metadata extraction
  • Content moderation, including detection of sensitive themes like nudity, smoking, or alcohol
  • Identification of anomalies as part of visual quality inspection
  • Semantic-driven recommendations and advertising
  • Plagiarism and fake content detection

Our core image analysis offering

Underpinned by decade-long experience, we provide a whole gamut of services around image recognition and processing:

  • Seamless scene and activity detection
  • Facial analysis and recognition of related attributes like headwear and glasses
  • Cutting-edge emotion recognition
  • Highly-performant object detection and tracking
  • Identification of object attributes like dominant colors or cropping vertices
  • Advanced object profile creation
  • Label, logo, and landmark recognition
  • Optical character recognition, including handwriting
  • Comprehensive post-processing

Enhance your domain-specific solution with image analysis

Capitalize on our deep expertise across 27+ verticals and business domains to create your next image analysis solution.



Experts in medical image analysis, we engineer advanced solutions able to process a host of X-ray, magnetic resonance, ultrasound, CT, nuclear medicine, and other types of images for better diagnostics and image-guided surgery. We can also help you leverage image analysis for treatment adherence monitoring and injury rehabilitation.



Build image analysis software to improve your supply chain management. Easily monitor available items and keep the right balance between inventory stockout and overstock. Perform equipment QC to easily identify performance flaws and apply corrective action, avoiding downtime.

Public safety

Public safety

Develop an intelligent image analysis system that would easily perform object, person, and behavior analysis to detect suspicious activities, criminals, lost children, etc. Our public safety solutions ensure greater image clarity at higher magnification and can be smoothly integrated with geographic information systems to create computerized crime maps.


Media and entertainment

Increase user engagement, brand safety, and enterprise productivity through smart automatic moderation of your media. Extract insightful metadata with object and scene detection, celebrity recognition, sentiment analysis, and more — to spot adult content and violence, build a searchable image library, as well as personalize content offerings and boost ARPU.



We can integrate image analysis into your eCommerce platform for a revamped shopping experience. Perform emotion recognition to easily identify user reactions to your items. Seamlessly analyze product images to create laser-targeted visual affinity-based recommendations.


Sports and fitness

Oxagile is a leading provider of image analysis software for the sports industry. We engineer innovative systems with an in-depth image analysis of balls and points for better judging decisions. Pair up your image recognition software with advanced video processing tech to help boost athlete performance, minimize injuries, and speed up athlete recovery.

Success stories

Cutting-edge research and remarkable tech skills allow us to successfully complete image analysis-related projects of any scale and complexity. This is how we solve the most challenging business tasks.