Introducing your flawless AI employee

AI and ML technologies are taking businesses by storm, and if you’re thinking about fully joining the action, voice biometrics authentication is ready to become your partner in crime. It’s willing to support you in simplifying routine tasks and diligently fine-tune your operational costs and timelines.

In fact, this workaholic will gladly do even more jobs at once, continually reinforcing your clients’ confidence in choosing your company over others.

Security guard

Voiceprint authentication technology will ensure the safety of confidential data by verifying users’ identities within a mere 3-second timeframe.

Personal assistant

Your clients won’t need to go through the hassle of writing down or memorizing any passwords. They won’t even have to take their hands off the wheel while driving to access their accounts.

Contact center agent

Enabling your customers to freely handle verifying their identities by saying a few random words will greatly reduce the dependency on human helpdesk support and help you cut down costs on basic, routine tasks.

Why voice biometrics authentication can help you reach big-picture goals

Once customers get a taste of comfort and convenience, their appetite for it grows insatiable. And we can ensure that voice authentication becomes the perfect solution to not only fulfilling this craving, but also guaranteeing top-tier security for clients’ valuable personal data.

And if that sounds like a bold claim to you, here are the features that make it much more convincing:

  • High accuracy

    Whether the source of the voice comes from a phone call, video, or any other channel, our voice biometrics can always identify the speaker. It will be a shield against potential fraudsters who attempt to conceal their true identities.

  • Instant verification

    There is no need to say a specific sentence or answer any security questions to be successfully recognized by voice biometrics, as the engine identifies speakers based on their natural speech. Even tiny utterances of 0.5 seconds can be enough.

  • Immediate algorithm training

    You won’t need to make users feel like they’re being interrogated by asking specific questions to train the algorithm to recognize the individual in the future. All it takes is a brief real-time conversation with an IVR or contact center agent to create a voice enrollment.

  • Cost-effective deployment

    Our voice biometrics solution operates on a lightweight, cloud-based system, so you won’t incur high infrastructure expenses or third-party costs during implementation.

  • Protection against voice mimicking

    Voice biometrics authentication solutions provide a robust defense against attempts to mimic voices by utilizing sophisticated algorithms inherent in biometric analysis. Our systems also include a blocklist feature that enhances security and accuracy.

  • Support of any language or dialect

    Every voice biometrics authentication solution that we provide can adapt to many languages, dialects, and accents, matching the distinct speech patterns of your customer groups. Our voice biometrics authentication system tackles obstacles like background noise or channel quality.

Voice authentication power across industries

Voice authentication is a versatile tool, crossing industry boundaries with ease, much like Oxagile’s extensive expertise. That’s why we can guarantee that we won’t merely make biometric authentication a part of your existing processes — we’ll amplify its influence to the fullest and augment its value within:

Video streaming

Voice authentication technology allows users to curate their unique experiences within OTT streaming services and devices. It can differentiate between individuals within a household and adapt its actions accordingly to craft a personalized content experience aligned with the preferences of certain users.


Once in place, voice authentication technology helps businesses verify customer identities and restrict access to personal information, enhancing security and preventing data breaches, fraud and identity theft. This method accelerates online checkout, streamlining the payment process, improving the customer experience, and reducing cart abandonment rates, ultimately boosting eCommerce revenue.

Finance and banking

Voice authentication technologies reduce bank administrative costs, replacing manual methods and physical token distribution for secure identification.

And of course, they provide strong security against fraud by analyzing unique voice characteristics, that are incredibly difficult to replicate. This technology also efficiently detects fraud attempts and alerts institutions of potential security breaches.



In remote learning environments, voice authentication can be used for remote proctoring to prevent cheating during online exams or assessments. It can also identify individual students interacting with virtual tutors, allowing for tailored learning experiences that adapt to each student’s needs and progress. Moreover, voice authentication can streamline attendance tracking in virtual classrooms, automating student verification and assisting teachers in efficiently managing their online classes.

General businesses

General businesses

Voice authentication solutions are great to streamline the verification of remote employees, especially during online conferences, enhancing safety by confirming participants’ identities. Furthermore, this technology can act as a protective measure against internal fraud, effectively mitigating risks within the organization.

Behind the scenes of a high-quality voice authentication experience

Step 1.

Voiceprint extraction

Within the first stage used to create a voice biometric image of a person, the system meticulously scrutinizes a voice snippet, formulating a unique mathematical blueprint of the individual’s voice.

Step 2.

Voiceprint comparison

Following that, every time a user connects to the system again, it quickly generates a small voiceprint, which is then meticulously compared with a database of stored voiceprints to pinpoint a match for a successful speaker verification or identification. And while voiceprint extraction may take about 20 seconds, voiceprint comparison is lightning-fast — the algorithm can perform millions of comparisons in just a second.

Upgrade your client interactions with intelligence and security

It’s always the ideal time to gift your customers with delightful, time-saving experiences, especially when speech processing systems, guaranteeing just that, can be designed, integrated, and swiftly deployed without incurring substantial costs. Let us show you how.

Why Oxagile

Versatile domain knowledge

With extensive experience in the AdTech, EdTech, or Video Streaming domains, we can tweak your operations and processes to seamlessly incorporate a voice biometrics solution into any platform or combine it with other ML-based features.

Expert AI team

Delivering superior software without interrupting any of your operations requires a blend of expertise in voice biometrics authentication and ML processes. Our team of AI/ML developers, data scientists, and infrastructure engineers comes with both.

Customized solutions

We ensure that new solutions are made to best meet your business goals, from improving customer interactions and tackling fraud to streamlining handling times and minimizing costs. We also adapt our solutions by taking into account system and architectural needs, as well as your preferences, like the choice between implementing voice authentication in the cloud or directly on devices.

Real cases where the AI magic comes to life

Throughout our experience in AI software development, Oxagile makes it a point to truly understand the unique goals of each business. We integrate biometric profiles, enhance security through advanced authentication, and utilize CV and ML technologies, all with a single aim: to ensure that every new feature is a profit booster for the businesses we partner with. And you know what? They always are.