Custom facial recognition software

Oxagile has years of experience with implementing image analysis software to tackle a variety of business problems.

Advanced computer vision software, with a special focus on facial recognition software solutions, is the latest know-how that enables us to enhance visual content processing and automate tasks that until now were solely in the dominion of human professionals.

We apply facial recognition for


Ensuring safety

Safeguard public and private safety through highly effective facial recognition and identification software solutions. Analyze images and videos in real time to immediately pick out persons of interest from the crowd, track suspicious individuals throughout the premises, or be alerted about the arrival of unwanted patrons to your establishment.


Attention control

Leverage biometric face recognition to track the attention of attendees during public events and analyze the commitment of students during lectures. Implement next-generation proctoring solutions that ensure every exam is conducted in full compliance with regulations, regardless of the distance between the institution and the examinee.


Viewer engagement

Turn the surveillance cameras at your event into a valuable source of information by implementing facial recognition and emotion recognition software. Find out the precise demographic stats about your visitors, tie their reactions to the exact points of the game or show, and refine the data to receive actionable insights.



Supercharge your marketing campaigns with real-time audience analysis and adjust your message and creatives on the fly to maximize outreach. Increase the efficiency of your loyalty programs by recognizing valued customers, such as season ticket holders, as soon as they arrive.

Computer vision tech excellence

Real-time Full HD video analysis

When it comes to live video, the value of custom facial recognition software hinges on its ability to analyze the stream as effectively as possible in a very limited timeframe. Our cutting-edge computer vision technology allows you to perform reliable face detection, face recognition, and person identification virtually in real time, as fast as 1 ms per frame.

Dealing with challenging footage

Our image analysis solutions don’t need pixel-perfect footage to deliver great results. We apply deep learning and AI to confidently tackle complications like moving or shaky camera footage, partial or temporary occlusions, poor lighting conditions, the person turning away or putting on sunglasses. Intuitive post-processing tools are available to enhance the results analysis.

Performance-vs-accuracy optimization

We approach software development in a way that allows delivering well-balanced solutions in terms of image analysis accuracy and system performance. By applying a custom performance testing framework and real-time performance-vs-accuracy reporting, the system detects opportunities for optimization without sacrificing recognition quality.

In-house face recognition SDK

Streamline the development of your computer vision software with our proprietary AI-based component that dramatically accelerates face detection and face recognition workflows.

The SDK is designed to deliver maximum performance with any kind of input, including shaky footage, videos filmed in bad weather, or footage of partially obscured faces. The adjustable speed-to-accuracy parameters make it possible to tailor the recognition process to virtually any business case.

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Build world-class image analysis software

If you need help with figuring out the best way to introduce facial recognition into your workflows, drop us a line to contact our experienced computer vision experts.