Custom biometric software development

We combine proactive R&D with our expertise in low-level systems, system integration, computer vision, and related techs to build custom biometric software tailored to your specific business needs.

Organizations we empower with biometric software development

Preventing threats

  • Police departments
  • Penitentiary facilities
  • Border patrol
  • Airports
  • Driving license issuers
  • Banks
  • Insurance companies

Managing identity

  • National election agencies
  • Public transport companies
  • Public events organizers
  • Private companies
  • Smartphone companies
  • Industrial facilities
  • Car manufacturers

Securing the service sector

  • Schools and universities
  • Museums and libraries
  • Hospitals and blood banks
  • Gyms and sports clubs
  • Places of worship
  • Hotels
  • Shopping malls

Applying biometrics development to your business challenges


Biometric verification and authentication

  • Lightning-quick customer onboarding and verification
  • Border control automation
  • Identity fraud prevention
  • Facilitating passenger experience

Biometric access control

  • Construction site access
  • Gym facilities access tracking
  • Restricting personnel access to critical systems
  • Seamless drug dispensing facility operation

Biometric public security

  • Serving high security facilities
  • Identification of banned patrons
  • Detecting suspicious behavior in public spaces
  • Police evidence collection and processing

Biometric attendance control

  • Student truancy prevention
  • Workplace attendance and employee time tracking
  • Public events management
  • Ex-offender reintegration program attendance

Explore the advantages of biometric software solutions

With biometric software development, you can effectively safeguard confidential data, improve the security of assets and events, and streamline user experiences across a wide range of devices.


Rely on our biometric software development services to save time and resources and free up your IT department to focus on strategic tasks. Biometric authentication is easy-to-use and relies on what a person is — no more worrying about forgotten codes, password rotation schedules, or lost ID cards.


Passwords top the list of vulnerabilities for any security system. You can minimize the risk of hacker attacks and data breaches caused by a lost or stolen password with biometrics-based authentication that uses attributes that can’t be lost or easily faked.

Cost efficiency

Password- and token-based authentication systems are costly to support in the long run. Replace your legacy system with a custom biometrics-driven software solution to cut down on maintenance costs and receive a higher ROI in the long term.


Design your biometric software solution with compatibility in mind to ensure quick and frictionless data exchange with other business-critical systems such as IoT platforms and facilitate such workflows as inventory management, workplace safety, attendance reporting, loyalty programs, and more.


Leverage the speed and accuracy of biometric software solutions to identify individuals in a matter of seconds. Increase your organization’s operational efficiency and rest assured that the access to your data and property is 100% secure.


Install a biometric access and attendance control systems to create an accurate audit trail and encourage a higher degree of accountability. Empower your management to effectively prevent time theft, buddy punching, and unwarranted access to trade secrets.

We work with cutting-edge biometric technology

Computer vision

Computer vision

Our deep expertise in computer vision allows us to design and build innovative solutions for face detection and identification, pose fencing, behavior tracking, signature recognition, eye recognition, and more. Implement our CV-driven biometric software solutions to achieve high accuracy and speed of image analysis.

Voice biometrics

Voice biometrics

We help companies take advantage of voice biometrics for identification and verification by using a database of voiceprints. Each voiceprint has qualities unique to the person it belongs to and, once collected, serves as a reliable reference sample. Try out a voice biometric software solution as a non-invasive, convenient, and cost-effective option.

Keystroke recognition

Keystroke recognition

We measure the time a person presses the key and the time between keystrokes to correctly assess the person’s typing pattern on a digital device. Pick this type of biometric identification to ensure simplicity of use and high availability at low bandwidth without investing in additional biometrics equipment.

Fingerprint recognition

Fingerprint recognition

Our machine learning-based fingerprint solutions are highly accurate and compatible with low-cost fingerprint readers. As fingerprints don’t change with age or disease, and the templates require little storage space, this type of biometric system is future-proof, low-maintenance, and flexible. Expand the database, introduce portable scanners, or switch readers anytime you need.